From Christianity to Tantric Yoga: The Divine Relationship

The Divine Relationship has been described in religious, philosophical and occult teachings for centuries. What does it mean for you personally?

You can find mention of the Divine Relationship in sources as diversified as Fundamental Christianity to Tantric Yoga. Often, the definition of this is foggy and emotional to the point that it’s incomprehensible or absurd.

There is a level of mind which we can each access which is called the superconscious. This is the seat of intuition and inspiration. When we pray, meditate, talk to angels or guides or simply allow ourselves to drift in a peaceful state, we are most often accessing that level of mind.

Too often however, we make this a one-way street of communication. We talk, make promises, even beg, but what happens when we just listen? Sometimes, nothing. But when we decide on exactly who or what we are communing with, change happens. Often, we are afraid to tune in clearly, with a defined image. This is like talking to someone with our eyes closed and our hands over our ears.

If you’re new to this kind of concept, this is the approach that I suggest you begin with: Visualize a being who loves you unconditionally. There is no part of you which is not completely known, understood and loved. Next, see this being as totally powerful and wanting very much to see you completely happy and fulfilled.

There. You have someone important to talk to. And when communication comes your way, you’ll know where it’s coming from. There’s a lot of stuff roaming around in the ethers and you don’t need to be messing with all of it. Be choosy.

Frequently, incoming communication occurs after we’ve gone about our daily business and have our mind on other things. Then perhaps we’ll notice that we’re suddenly feeling particularly secure or comforted. Or, life will take a change for the better. The people around us become more responsive to us, more interested, more caring. Remember, we’re dealing with the superconscious. This is bigger and higher than our ordinary lives and can manifest wherever it pleases, including through our associates.

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