Neptune and Saturn the Planet: What Can You Believe?

By Jeri Noble

The planets Neptune and Saturn represent to a large degree the changes in our belief systems.

Neptune symbolizes our dreams.

The cynic: Heavily influenced by Saturn the planet in an effort to alliviate the disappointment of failed beliefs. The missing logic here frequently involves a refusal to believe anything other than those issues drummed into him from strict life lessons.

The cynic pretends to not believe in anything. But he is actively holding onto the belief that if he dares believe, he’s going to be hurt. This is rank superstition.

It is necessary to the human psyche to hold faith in something. Otherwise we move through our lives like robots, acting and behaving in accordance with mechanical “rules” we’ve chosen to abide by. This is safe, but certainly not fulfilling.

Disillusionment is a function of Neptune, the planetary energy of dreams and idealism. When a dream is destroyed or a principle has proven false, the first issue to deal with is mourning. This is because something important to us has died.

A period of grieving is important to allow ourselves to appreciate what that belief has done for us in the past, lay it to rest in the present and open ourselves to something new in the future.

Too often, we decide that everything is worthless, nothing holds any meaning and believing in anything that is intangible is stupid. This is our child-like reaction to disappointment and is just about that logical. This is where we must give ourselves the order to “Grow Up!”

We have grown and learned through the experience of using and then discarding a belief. Now we can start establishing it’s replacement. Doing this consciously will be a major milestone in our emotional maturity. Almost always the lost belief was not originally yours. You accepted it from your parents, your church, your friends or even the Constitution. This is why it doesn’t work in all your life circumstances. You didn’t fully create it yourself based on your own experience and desires. Saturn the planet and Neptune can certainly help draw insight.

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