Prosperity: Awakening to Abundance

By Jeri Noble

You already have everything you’ve ever wanted. This includes money, home, recreation, relationships and creative fulfillment, along with anything else you can imagine. In understanding the secrets of abundance, it’s helpful to assume that all that we could possibly wish for, is with us right here, right now. Universal Mind, or God, or whatever your idea is of the Higher Power, is timeless. It/He/She encompasses everything, including time.

Since consistent and stable manifestation occurs through the vehicle of this Higher Energy, accepting it’s reality structure is essential. The Higher Power wants for nothing. Everything exists within it. This is it’s reality. This means that we can assume the presence of all things, whether we can see them or not. I find it extremely helpful in my manifestation work to understand that I don’t know everything. This causes channels that I may be unaware of, to become open to me. If I feel that I understand all of the possible means through which my prosperity can manifest, I’ve severely limited myself. This applies to accepting the possibility that my abundance may already be here, but I just haven’t seen it yet. Then all I need to do is work on allowing it to be revealed. “Reveal” is the keyword.

What we want is right here with us, it requires only that we be able to see it. In the Divine Scheme of things, lack, scarcity and want are illusions. If we view them in this way, they lose their apparent tangibility and the reality of fulfillment takes their place. When we awaken to the possibilities inherent in our lives as they exist here and now, abundance is revealed. I’ve found it helpful to look at this as I would look at waking from a bad dream. Mystics have told us for centuries that earthly life is an illusion. Well, for me, I see economics as being most symbolic of “earthly life”.

We are held to belief in scarcity and limitation as we might be held in the grip of a nightmare. How do you feel when you wake up from a nasty dream? Isn’t there a sense of relief and wonder that it wasn’t real after all, no matter how real it may have seemed while it was occurring? I incorporate that feeling into my prosperity work. I’ve found that when I allow myself to realize that desire of any kind is simply an illusion and that the reality of life is that my desires are meant to be completely fulfilled, good inevitably happens. Our manifestation techniques must include feeling in order to work. Allowing ourselves to experience the feeling of joy and relief that, “Oh, right. It’s already here and has always been here,” is a lovely compliment to our work. This is why gratitude for blessings already received is so powerful. It opens our eyes to the good that’s already occurring, and allows us to see even more.

I like to look around in my life for the good that I know is there. Invariably, I find that there’s something extra, something I had forgotten, that was the fulfillment of a previous desire. This acts as ongoing proof that manifestation techniques work. When I imagine that all of my good is surrounding me, waiting only on my ability to perceive it and take advantage of it’s benefits, manifestation occurs. Of course sometimes this brings up my vested interest in believing that good can’t be available to me. I may be holding onto anger at my apparent lack. I could be attached to the accolades which (I hope) go to martyrs. These are examples of a vested interest in scarcity and limitation. I’ve got lots more which have served me in the past. In the present however, it’s more important to me to receive my good than it is to serve negative ego.

So, I go ahead and release the supposed benefits of staying unconscious of my good. I permit myself to accept that my good is patiently waiting on me, surrounding me. I surrender that portion of my ego which seeks to deny that Divinity is eternally present. I also surrender my fight against my good, i.e. I quit boxing with the shadows of unreality. I accept that I don’t know everything and that my good is ready to reveal itself in ways that I may never have imagined. Waking up to abundant good is wonderful. It’s right here.


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