As Seen Through Our Inner Universe: The Nature of Miracles

According to Webster, a miracle is “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs”. But what is the nature of miracles? When we are party to or a witness of a miracle, we are experiencing a level of perfection in life in which all the chaotic strings of ordinary existence are pulled together to make a synchronous whole. Apparently unrelated events and circumstances come together forming a new pattern of consistency, stability and overall “rightness” that is seamless and perfect.

What sets the groundwork for a miracle? Saints and metaphysicians will frequently agree that the common denominator in these events is the willingness to let go of our petty “human” perspective, back off, and let it happen. When one has experienced a few of these events, it becomes obvious that the cause or Source of miracles is always present, though due to our disbelief, It can be inhibited in expression in our lives. I like that so much that I’ll say it again, the cause or Source of miracles is always present. If this is so, why aren’t we experiencing miracles on a moment to moment basis?

The conditions needed to create a miracle seem to be present all the time if we could only tune into our inner universe. Some metaphysicians have created a scale or categorization of levels of experience to explain this. It has been defined in terms of planes of awareness, sub-atomic realities and holographic perceptions. I suspect that all of these are accurate, but for our purposes, we’re looking at Nature. Unless you’re an atheist who views life as a cosmic accident, you have probably taken note of the uncanny order of the Universe. From the wondrous patterns of our DNA to the elegant synchronicity of the stars and planets, it is evident that some sort of miracle is taking place continuously in the very existence of the Cosmos. I suggest that the evidence of this ongoing miracle of existence is proof that we live in a Universe of miracles, perhaps not easily defined, but clearly perceived.

If our Universe operates on this miraculous basis, why aren’t we experiencing this quality in our everyday lives? As suggested for centuries by mystics and philosophers, the reason is that we simply don’t allow it! Although miracles are a demonstration of a high degree of Universal Order, our human experience often tends to view them as chaotic and unpredictable. A miracle may not “fit” with our preconceived ideas of how our lives should operate. In our 9 to 5 world a miracle could upset the applecart, make us late for work, prove that an irritating hubby was really a god in disguise, show us that our children were actually our teachers and generally make a mess of our view of “how life works”.

Our unwillingness to experience this “wild card” of Nature evidently has a great deal of power. The simple fact of our deliberate unbelief can keep such happenings away from our lives, so that we may be able to predict with a fair degree of certainty that tomorrow will be pretty much like today. We may take comfort in this predictability, knowing at some level that whatever we may be sacrificing in order to achieve it, at least we know what’s going on. It seems that we must put a significant quantity of mental energy into the denial of the miraculous nature of existence in order to keep up this farce, and this denial is rarely very far beneath the surface of our thoughts. Within us, we always seem to know how little it would really take to just let go and allow life to happen (though we may not dare).

In my experience, I’ve found that this denial has less to do with the real nature of miracles, than with our funny ideas about them. Frequently the belief that the necessary letting go entails the abandonment of all responsibility and thus a destruction of our lives is part of the reluctance to experience. This is a belief often born of intoxication through drugs or alcohol or our experience of people who are intoxicated in this way. A clearer perception doesn’t work that way. We have many of our responsibilities because we like them, we want to feel needed and that we are making a contribution of some kind. The letting go that opens us up to miracles is most often a letting go of the falsehood of experience and the acceptance of a higher reality.

The science of metaphysics is frequently called the “science of miracles”. This is because we are working with the power of our own minds, and accepting conscious control of our beliefs. When we allow our personal beliefs to operate in accordance with the naturally miraculous nature of the Universe, these miracles slip into our lives and enhance them, not destroy them. Accepting that miracles are part of life and that our lives are supposed to be aligned with that perfect synchronicity of the Universe makes room for them to occur. This isn’t something that requires a lot of effort, which right there indicates that it’s a natural function of life.

The nature of our Universe is miraculous and we are part of it. The effort to believe that we are somehow separate from the rest of life and existence is part of what keeps the Divinity of experience from expressing through us. Let it happen and allow your eyes to see through your inner universe the language of miracles.

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