Don’t Worry Be Happy:Justifying Negativity and Negative Thoughts

Jeri Noble

When we worry and we’re feeling badly, it’s natural to feel self-righteous about it. We feel that our world isn’t going well, therefore we have the right to be upset about it. We’ve earned the right to feel bad, and to express our distaste with whatever we may feel has caused it. Okay. Yes, you have that right. Far be it from me to point out that this is projecting negativity onto your life. No, you have the right to be angry and upset, and to tell me in no uncertain terms that you’ve been used, abused and lied to and whoever and whatever did this is a low-down, rotten nasty. The Universe itself is probably out to get you, and it’s far nicer to everyone else than it is to you, and you try so hard to do what you’re supposed to, but things just get screwed up anyway, and it’s all so hard and…

Uh huh. But you don’t have a negative attitude, right? What happens when life doesn’t seem to be working for us, is that the truth of what we really believe comes out. These are our real attitudes and expectations. The ones that we express when we worry and are under stress are usually the most truthful ones. It can be quite a relief to let them out, especially after we’ve been suppressing them for awhile. It isn’t uncommon for people who are on a spiritual path to do this, to suppress their real attitudes about some aspect of life that they’re not happy with, in an effort to transform this area. The techniques of reality creation don’t respond to suppression however, only transformation. A real higher consciousness of the inherent good in life, doesn’t cave in when life goes awry. Instead, there’s a recognition that no matter what it may look like, life is still working out for our best. It may not take the form that we expect, but will still be the best. But as long as we assume that every time something doesn’t go the way we want it to, life is behaving badly, we are creating that reality. We are actually creating life behaving badly.

Throwing a tantrum or griping about the unfairness of life doesn’t improve the situation. It does make it worse just like to much worry. The complaining, whining or griping reinforces the negative belief system that creates an unpleasant experience of life. It is a metaphysical projection of a mental attitude and it has power. In my experience, there is a question that we can ask ourselves. Is it more important to feel justified in our anger or upset with our lives, or to release enough ego to acknowledge that life really is good, and I’m just not willing to see it? The fact is, that in metaphysics we do get what our priorities represent. If we are very much wanting a break, then losing work is a manifestation of what we want. It isn’t something to get angry about, but instead to appreciate. If we desire Divine support, railing at an ex-spouse who won’t contribute child support, doesn’t make sense. Accepting that we’re thrown back on trusting the support of Divinity does.

Once we can weed through the emotional morass that we can generate for ourselves in this area, we will often see that this is just a child-like fear of the unknown showing itself. We have affirmed and visualized a purer, more fruitful life for ourselves, and then when life starts to make room for this, we can panic at the changes that are involved. This way we keep repeating a pattern of life beginning to improve, then halting and stepping back into the old shape again. This is a life cycle of our effort to evolve into the conscious use of metaphysics. Our species has had the ability to create its own reality since time immemorial. However, we are not accustomed to its use, just as many of us are not accustomed to all the ramifications of technology. As a species, we can create this, but may have some trouble getting comfortable with the conscious use of it.

Asserting negativity as we may do when we’re upset, is an evolutionary throwback. Our species is attempting to rise to a more serene, peaceful and trusting condition. The steps along the way can stir up eons of cultural negativity, and all the “reasons why” we should remain paranoid, mistrustful and frightened. In order to create the reality that we want, which we are fully capable of doing, we must let go of the need to justify our negativity. If it were the right thing to do, it wouldn’t require justification, would it?

This is often one of the final barriers to consistent manifestation of the reality one wishes to create by metaphysical means. We have to take the responsibility for our condition rather than justifying the condition to ourselves. When we can accept that we have chosen the life we have manifested, rather than seeking out places to blame for a lack of fulfillment, reality creation can truly work. We have to understand that choosing the reality we live doesn’t have room for exceptions, blame or justification. We are infinite, immortal beings, gifted with amazing talents of life and light. “The Universe was mean to me,” doesn’t work as an excuse if we want to make use of our potential.

I’m often amazed at the sheer number of justifications for being negative that people can come up with. I’ve had many, many offers of “proof” that life just doesn’t work for this particular individual. Tell me, why would such proof be valuable to anyone? The only reason that I can see, is that it is an inverted form of superiority that looks something like this:

“I am so special that the principles of love, light and Divinity do not work for me or for my life. I either cannot be forgiven because my crimes are so horrendous, or I am such a pathetic victim that God can’t be bothered with me. Aren’t I special?”

If you’re good enough to worry about this, you’re good enough to experience the benefits of metaphysical reality creation. It takes letting go of whatever ego says that you can’t have, that it’s more important to be right than it is to experience your good, and that you are powerful enough to make your own choices and have them stick.


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