Addiction-Therapy: Denial and Effects of Addiction

Psychological denial occurs when we are so afraid of looking at a situation or condition that we refuse to accept that it exists. The term came into popular usage with 12-step programs, as a way of describing how addicts and their families will avoid dealing with their problems. The difficulty with this is that until one accepts that there’s a problem, there is no way to effect a solution or move forward in addiction-therapy and healing.

In metaphysical reality creation there is sometimes confusion in this matter. Would not adequate visualization and/or affirmations take care of the matter? Unfortunately, not usually. This is because of the fact that in order for a healing to take place, the wound must be exposed. If I were to refuse to accept that my parent had a drinking problem, I would have to resist the part of the healing that showed the problem. I would actively be holding the healing away.

What we deny tends to be a “dirty little secret”. There is often shame involved, and a deep embarrassment regarding how the situation looks socially. It can seem far easier to downplay the matter, to fool oneself into believing that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

This comes up with addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex or people. Also to friends and family of these people. Friends and family are well practiced in covering up for the addict, making excuses for them and generally, “pretending the situation away”. This is all part of denial.

If those around you are telling you that you’re in denial, you probably are. This is one of the few situations that you’ll hear me tell you to give credence to the noise of the environment over what you hear coming from your heart. This is because we have drowned out the real inner voice of the heart and what we’re hearing is our own misdirection.

Metaphysics gives us a way to overcome denial. Through the use of affirmative prayer and visualization we can allow our love of Truth to come to the surface of our consciousness. This can be a gentle process. To begin with, we can affirm that there is a loving truth that does not want to harm us, but to heal and comfort us.

Next, we can employ the use of metaphysical prayer to know that we are surrounded by love and fully forgiven for any of our errors in judgement.

Finally, if it is our addiction, we can accept that what we think we are getting from the substance, activity or person, is available in a much better form from Spirit.

There is no “quick fix” for addictions of which I’m aware. I do know though, that rarely is an addiction overcome either by the addict or by those who are enabling the addiction, without the support of the Divine. The tools that we have available in metaphysics are very valuable for this use and can help to make a hellish situation far better for everyone. Addiction-Therapy begins by removing denial.


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