Message Music: Steven C’s Spiritual Piano Delivers Inspiration and Relaxation

Accomplished pianist Steven C has composed a beautiful and inspiring album to use as a soundtrack for meditation, yoga, massage, and other transformative and healing techniques.

Spiritual Piano (Steven C Music) is a remarkable album highlighting not only his beautiful relationship with the piano, but his passion for spiritual enlightenment as well.

This instrumental new age album was recorded in the presence of an intimate audience, further strengthening the sense of emotional energy with each song.

Spiritual Musician Steven C

Steven C MusicianSteven C (Anderson) began playing piano as a child and eventually came to earn a music degree in piano and organ performance from Hamline University. Releasing eight albums prior to Spiritual Piano—each of which was well-received—Steven C has also performed on the radio and appeared on television, including The Today Show and Oprah.

Steven C is the promotions producer at Minnesota Public Radio, and audio director and executive producer for record label Northword Press based in Wisconsin. Steven C also works with the non-profit agency, Spare Key Foundation, which helps financially support parents of critically ill children.

Steven C uses reading and meditation to enhance his spirituality, and expresses his inspirations to his audience through his music. The composer lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

Spiritual Piano: Message Music

Steven C’s intention with this 14 track album was to help listeners engage in a spiritual journey, one of conscious and compassionate living. He describes the album as “message music, which is a catalyst for healing, inspiration, meditation, and transformation.” For each song on Spiritual Piano, a message is included about the track. This was done to allow listeners to become “conduits of energy, intention, and extra emotion” as they concentrate on the message.

My favorite song of the album is “Space and Time—2012.” The message behind this song is for listeners to ponder: who am I and why am I here? It’s easy to be drawn into this track, as it is a gentle composition that soothes the mind.

Album Cover for Spiritual PianoAccompanied by the violin, Steven C captivates listeners with “Be Here Now” as the beautiful melody enchants the entire body and soul with the intention of being present in this moment.

For someone wanting an inspiring and comforting song, “Believe—Achieve” is just that. Although soft and gentle, this track lends to emotions of attainment. Steven C’s intention with this confidence-building song is to remind listeners that positive thoughts=results.

Transformative CD a Must Have

In Spiritual Piano, Steven C sets out to inspire listeners to embark or continue on their spiritual journeys. He offers personal messages with each song he shares, a unique aspect of the album for which I was grateful. I’m sure other listeners will agree when I say Spiritual Piano is an album that will take them to a whole new aspect of transformation, be it through meditation or other relaxation practices.

To hear song samples, please click > Steven C’s Spiritual Piano

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