Native American Flute Music: A Place Called Peace by Randy Granger

For a fun surprise, grab A Place Called Peace by Randy Granger.

Featuring Native American and Anasazi flutes, this album is not solely filled with the ultra-reverential, soft, and smooth tones often associated with Native American flutes.

You’ll experience moments which are spiritual, certainly, but also some which are tonally startling, some healing, some full of energy, often mesmerizing and whimsical, but all are entertaining.

pic-randy-grangerThis ASCAP release incorporates the flutes with hang drum, ocean drum, didgeridoo, and shake to lend full-bodied depth to the cuts. The music creates quite vividly the mind-images Granger wishes to portray.

For example, in Ghost Dancers, you can mentally picture the ancient dance around a blazing fire and in Double-Barrel Train Wreck, the train sounds create certainty that a train is right in the room with you.

Voted Best Native American Album

The album has been nominated for “Best Native American Album” by New Age Reporter and has already been voted by worldwide broadcasters as winner of the “Lifestyle Award.”

Granger is not new to awards and recognition. As composer, producer, flute player, songwriter, and author of published poetry, he has won or been nominated for awards ranging from Best Flutist in Tradition and New Age Records, and several New Mexico Music Industry Awards. He is a frequent presenter at Native Flute Festivals.

Randy Granger hails from the south east area New Mexico oil and pumpkin country where he was born during a raging thunderstorm. That somehow seems fitting once you enjoy his musical creations which are frequently called “Southwest Americana.” He has authored over 300 songs and toured with his two alternative rock bands in addition to his solo work.

A Place Called Peace is only one way that Granger offers his work to the planet. He gives back by volunteering to play at hospice and keeps the world posted on life as he knows it through his online blogs. You can also catch him on Public Radio at times as well as playing at small venues such as festivals and fairs as well as huge concert venues.

pic-place-called-peaceIf you already know and love Native American flute music, you will find Randy Granger’s A Place Called Peace an important addition to your music collection. If you have yet to get into the genre, this is a great album to become familiar with the depth and complexity of this musical style.

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