Online Meditation Course Designed for a Journey Towards Awakening

Meditation for Spiritual Awakening by Jim Malloy is a course offering advice on the journey to enlightenment, the discovery of one’s true self, and authentic joy.

I was excited for the opportunity to review this 14 week course. Offering endless amounts of valuable guidance, this course includes soothing audio meditations at the end of each weekly lesson.

The following review features the first three lessons of this course.

Enlightenment Through Meditation

With enlightenment follows greater feelings of peace, calm, happiness, and unconditional love. As promised, the lessons offered in Meditation for Spiritual Awakening are easy to incorporate daily and offer invaluable perspectives on achieving higher consciousness.

Lesson 1: Your Soul’s Excellent Adventure

Girl MeditatingEveryone receives some sort of wake up call—be it from a book, or a life crisis, etc.—to help them remember who they really are. I couldn’t help but feel that the opportunity of reviewing this course was exactly the wake up call I needed in my quest of finding purpose within life’s daily chaos.

In this lesson, I learned that while traveling along my spiritual quest for enlightenment, I will begin to recognize coincidences that indicate I am on the way towards something greater.

To help us realize we are more than humans, but spiritual beings, Malloy suggests we spend a few moments breathing consciously and imagine ourselves as an emerging soul.

Practicing such a simple exercise has been an opportunity for me to recognize that within each point in time there are opportunities to connect with myself and my circumstances, and realize that each moment is just one in my journey towards true purpose.

Lesson 2: The Unwobbling Pivot—Your Serene Inner Self

The purpose of this lesson is to recognize the importance of knowing your inner self, the part that remains calm and serene no matter what is happening. “The more centered in the Self you become, the less overshadowed you will be by life’s parade of adversities.”

The exercise for this week is to take the time to notice the stillness that exists during chaos. I found this to be a challenge at times, as between personal and professional roles there’s often conflicting and demanding expectations. Yet, as I persevered and searched for the stillness of the moment, a sense of serenity did take over my anxious state of being.

Lesson 3: Your Magnificent Multi-Dimensional Self

Grass and Blue SkyEveryone experiences moments where confidence and joy are abundant while doing something where we’ve just let go and “gone with the flow.” This is an indication that we’re acting in conjunction with our higher selves.

We all have energy “bodies” that exist within our physical body: the vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We also have a higher self that is an extension of our inner self. This is where our higher wisdom is kept and where we know “everything in your life is always all right, and is unfolding in perfect harmony with your higher purpose.”

I found this week’s practice of walking tall and strong, knowing everything is all right to be extremely beneficial, especially amidst my perennial concern of “What am I supposed to do?” Having a better understanding of our inner self can shift this question to, “Who am I, really?”

Awaken Yourself

All individuals searching for a greater understanding of their personal awakening and discovery of their authentic self—whether beginner or experienced—will benefit from the course Meditation for Spiritual Awakening. Offering valuable, day-to-day practices, this course guides participants effortlessly along their awakening journey.

For more information on this course, click > Meditation for Spiritual Awakening

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