Many Moods CD by Ben Woolman Features Acoustic Steel-String Fingerstyle

When listening to Many Moods CD, the newest release from Ben Woolman you will quickly learn he is a master of the acoustic steel-string guitar with his fingerstyle playing abilities.

“Ben is often described as having a melodic gift with composition that fuses elements of both “rootsy” and contemporary finger-style playing with a pop songwriter’s crafty sensibility.”

This beautiful CD compilation might fool you. Your ears may think you are hearing more than one instrument yet the wealth of sounds contain no added guitars nor overdubbing.

Many Moods, Many Sounds

Many Moods (Floating Feather Music) by Ben Woolman is a warm, inviting CD creation that reaches into the heart and soul of the listener.

Ben WoolmanGrabbing the attention of music lovers everywhere Woolman has mastered playing the steel-string guitar fingerstyle—a musical accomplishment many famed musicians long to add to their own repertoire.

When you first listen to Many Moods, you believe that there is more than one player, more than one instrument—but it’s simply not so. The truth is that this genius of the fingerstyle steel string guitar is creating these elaborate, deep, overlapping sounds all on his own with simply his fingers and guitar. Once you listen you’ll understand why this is so awe inspiring.

The sounds created by Woolman are one of a kind and present as a trio, or at the very least a duo, band. Woolman explains that he uses his thumb to create the bass sound while the other fingers seemingly magically dance across the strings to create the lead and melody. How he pulls this off, I don’t know, but it sure is sweet to hear.

A Showcase of Style

So what propelled this talented musician to form a seemingly complete band all out of himself? He tells us in his own words,

I played in bands for quite a few years, but it is difficult to sustain common goals so when my third band broke up, I gravitated to playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar because it allows me to create much of an ensemble sound all by myself.

CD Cover for Many MoodsThis once perceived sad breakup of his last band has turned into a true gift for music lovers everywhere. Many Moods takes the listener on a journey into the diverse world of moods and feelings. The first track, “One Afternoon,” Woolman explains is a showcase of his style and character. Each track is full of richness, diversity, and feeling. Track seven is Woolman’s cover of  The Police’s song, “Invisible Sun,” and so titled.

Woolman talks about his own musical goals:

I pride myself in trying to play as many styles of music as I possible can and solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument to give me the freedom to pursue that. There is nothing to hold me back except myself as I continue to develop my technique, musicianship, and ideas.

We’ll be listening Ben. Play on!

To learn more visit Amazon > Many Moods Music CD

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To learn more visit Amazon > Many Moods Music CD

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  1. sanbreck says:

    I just listened to Many Moods CD .. and I just feel better! Thanks Ben for creating such a beautiful compilation of instrumental guitar tunes. Your guitar style is lovely.

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