Developing HandsFree Thai Massage Skills

The ancient healing practice of Thai massage has roots in Buddhism, yoga, and Ayurveda. As a natural therapy used to treat painful muscles and joints, contemporary applications are gaining popularity.

Some massage therapists experience stress of their fingers and hands during treatment, leaving an opportunity for HandsFree technique to be incorporated into the session. Such a technique gives the client therapeutic benefits of deep tissue pressure through the use of knees or feet.

Certified Thai instructor Chuck Duff includes in his educational Thai Bodywork DVD Series HandsFree Thai Massage: The Common Style with Chuck Duff as a learning video designed to show practicing Thai massage therapists the benefits and techniques of the walking style Thai massage.

Commoner Style Thai Massage

Traditional Thai MassageThai massage is an effective therapeutic healing modality, providing enormous benefits for both practitioner and client. Therapists find large advantages with the natural healing art’s stress- and strain-free expectations on the fingers, wrists, and shoulders. By using other parts of the body—such as forearms, knees, and feet—therapists are still able to apply the correct pressure to the body’s problem areas or energy points.

Clients also experience great benefits from HandsFree Thai Massage. When strategic use of the therapist’s feet and knees are applied to painful or injured areas, the client receives a deep pressure tissue massage. The HandsFree technique is great for athletes and other clients who require deep pressure treatments.

Commoner—also known as rural or walking style—technique is popular in Thai massage, using the feet and knees, and requires the therapist to develop keen balance. The different applications of pressure to various sen sip—or energy lines—gives deep tissue relief to painful areas.

Thai Bodywork Therapist Chuck Duff

The reputable educational facility, Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, was founded by internationally-renowned Thai massage therapist and educator Chuck Duff. Duff has taught thousands of natural healers the techniques of Thai massage, and promotes the holistic healing form for its numerous benefits, including natural pain relief. Duff also serves on the faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Duff focuses on treating pain, fusing the ancient Thai massage principles and techniques with contemporary Western clinical approaches. Using highly efficient body mechanics, Duff encourages therapists spare the stress and strain of their hands, arms, and shoulders by incorporating feet, knees, and shins—HandsFree—techniques into their Thai massage sessions.

DVD Demonstrates Walking Style Thai Massage

HandsFree Thai Massage DVDDuff’s educational Thai Bodywork DVD Series includes HandsFree Thai Massage: The Commoner Style with Chuck Duff (CustomFlix Studio). This video demonstrates the basics of using feet, knees, and other ways of applying compression and pressure during a traditional Thai massage session.

Duff’s HandsFree Thai Massage video offers balance strengthening techniques, as well as guides viewers through treatments for specific pain and dysfunctions. Duff emphasizes the principles of Clinical Thai Bodyworks, a specific approach to Thai massage developed by Duff himself, allowing viewers to address patterns and origins of pain.

To learn more click > HandsFree Thai Massage: The Commoner Style

Watch an Intro to HandsFree DVD

To learn more click > HandsFree Thai Massage: The Commoner Style

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  1. Adam Benedetto says:

    I have had a Thai massage before and found it very effective. What I really liked about it is that the practitioner is able to avoid the stress on their hands and wrists. Having known several massage therapists, the stress on their thumbs, etc. can be rather extreme. I hope that the popularity of this type of massage grows.

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