Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins

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7 Responses

  1. alastair croxton says:

    It seems like, mathematically, the date in question should be 12,12,2012. I wonder if a computer program could be adapted to include nine-fold theory such as would be found in our D.N.A. , i.e. include the brain itself in any events which it is expected to perceive.

  2. alastair croxton says:

    The nine fold theory has nine dimensions and that kind of should make a difference of nine days during the month of December in that year, thank you.

  3. Curtis says:

    Well, then it wouldn’t be the Mayan Calendar would it? 12/21/2012 is the day of the winter solstice. Some 2,500 years ago Mayan wizards calculated that the sun would rise conjunct the Galactic Center on that date. Given that the day is not precisely 24 hours and the year not 365 days, to make that precise calculation mathematically, projected that far in the future, they would need to know the exact length of the year within .40 seconds. That’s less than half a second; a pretty challenging calculation even for today’s computers.So they did not do it mathematically. In my studies I’ve found countless people trying to graft various theories to this enigmatic Calendar. Many are fascinating and wondrous and useful in their own right. This reveals to me the compelling power and extraordinary genius of these ancients. In an upcoming review I’ll compare Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic traditions about Consciousness Transformation in this age as written about by my fave author on this topic, John Major Jenkins.

  4. Alastair C. says:

    Well, how are you going to have a theory of consciousness transformation with out people including something very much like the human brain in which to do the process or feel the effects? So no I don’t think computers are going to have much to do with it unless it is a Mayan computer anyway. God it is only 2010, and I’m already sick and tired of talking about it. Don’t you realize that is why it didn’t work last time because non one could answer?

  5. Alastair C. says:

    I mean it didn’t have the desired effect when we were visited because no there was no TV yet. It’s cynical but true that those people died out simply because White Man was offering gifts they hadn’t got yet to people we don’t know whether even existed. Now it’s technology then. It was God and his utopia.

  6. Mad says:

    Mayan’s were very advance alien race and they landed on earth and left. They have a planet that will come near the sun on the mentioned date and will create floods etc due to gravitational force but this can be avoided if mayans want to avoid the disaster from their tech., makes sense.

  7. Garret says:

    I found this application for Android that counts down the time until Armageddon 2012. It’s called Doomsday 2012, that’s pretty cool. 

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