The Abundance Barrier: Belief: Not Good Enough To Deserve

A frequent barrier to creating prosperity and building wealth is an underlying idea or belief that we're not good enough to "deserve it". This can make us blind to financial opportunity because we simply don't believe it applies to us.

Here's an example of how this works:

A ravishing young woman I know well, was lonely and feeling unattractive. She was completely unaware that we could walk into a coffee shop together and young men's jaws would literally drop when they spotted her. I worked with her a bit, having her use the affirmation, "I'm beautiful and people want to be with me". Of course it worked. The boys are lining up.

You may say, "She really was beautiful. But I'm too stupid, inept, etc. to really deserve prosperity". Yes, but that's the point. What you really want already is yours. It's a trick of the subconscious to have us crave that part of ourselves that we've cut ourselves off from. It's a survival mechanism to stall off self-sabotage.

So, if you really want a higher level of wealth, that's your clue: You are supposed to have it! And it is completely irrelevant what your appearance, level of intelligence, sex or color is. "Deserving" has nothing to do with it, just as a need for protein has nothing to do with whether you're a good enough person to have it. It just is.

Try what I call "emotional practicality". Forget your fears and insecurities about money and focus on this prosperity affirmation to help your break free of limiting beliefs around deserving a prosperous and happy life:

"My nature requires this (fill in what "this" means to you) level of prosperity, therefore I'm supposed to have it."

or another wealth building and prosperiy affirmation is:

"I am open to abundance and wealth on all levels because I am suppose to have it."