Positive Affirmation: I Belong

This is a simple and positive affirming mantra that we can repeat to ourselves during the day to bring greater peace to the soul. This could be because having a sense of inclusion with those around us contributes to a sense of protection and well-being. With this sort of brief phrase, it can be very enlightening to contemplate it from a variety of different viewpoints. That can be helpful if you start getting bored with the idea.

We belong to our species. Unless there’s someone else listening in, humanity is an exclusive club on this planet. All of us have human bodies, human minds and human emotions. We have things in common with each other. We have a body of history and experience in common with our families. We share our days with our co-workers and our home time surrounded by our community.

It doesn’t whether we like these associations or not. The point is that we have them. And they have us. This sense of connection puts a fundamental part of our psyche at rest. It can also better conditions for us, because we will become more co-operative with our environment. Metaphysically, it becomes more co-operative with us as well.

Enjoy your connection with your world. There are many positive benefits to being aware of your interactions, so do it to maintain an aware attitude for your life and give some nurturing to your soul.

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