The Astrological Sun and Personalities of Astrology Signs

The Sun is what we're talking about in astrology when we say, "What's your sign?" Many professional astrologers grow impatient with looking at the just the Sun in the chart because it's been so overly-popularized. When doing character analysis, it's usefulness is only a portion of the story taken into account because there are many other heavenly bodies to consider when reading a horoscope. However it's importance is greatly understood by the professional astrologer.

The Sun Sign represents the source of our energy, just as its the source of heat and light for our planet and a variety of necessary rays for our Solar System. It also shows who we are at our best, when our light is shining and when we're being truly authentic beings. It's been said in astrology that our Sun is what we aspire to, what we wish to believe of ourselves.

When we're feeling self-confident, sure of ourselves and our abilities, our Sun is surely shining. When we're filled with self-doubt, shy and uncertain, our Sun has dimmed and is having problems. Our creative nature is evidenced through our Sun, and it shows how we like our romancem too.

In the system of chakras, the spiritual energy centers of the body, the Sun is represented in (big surprise) the solar plexus. This is a major nerve center, and has been considered the "gut" of our being. It's full of feeling, with the vital essence of ourselves as human beings.

Some astrologers consider that the Sun actually contains the energies of all the other bodies in the Solar System. This makes sense if considering that every other planet is literally a "spin off" of the Sun.

The Sun through the Signs:

Aries: "See what I can do," is their slogan. Self expression through action. Time is an enemy, as everything needs to happen now and they are so very ambitious.

Taurus: "This is mine," they say. Self expression through ownership. The route to comfort is by means of personal security so they are very attached to their things.

Gemini: "I know about this," they will tell you. Self expression through mind. Connections with others is all important as they easily make friends.

Cancer: "This is important to me," you'll hear. Self expression through caring. Priorities are based on feeling and they often dislike doing things without someone they care about.

Leo: "This is who I am," and you won't even have to be told. Self expression through authenticity. The reality of self is the only Truth and they are happy to show you.

Virgo: "I can fix that," is their need. Self expression through healing. The return to perfection is their loftiest dream and they will be happy to fix you, too.

Libra: Self expression through reason. "I can figure this out" they claim. Understanding is all-important and how do I determine which is correct, they will say.

Scorpio: "I can handle it," you'll be calmly informed. Self expression through penetration. The depths are the vaults of all value and your values will be examined.

Sagittarius: "Been there, done that," and they probably have. Self expression through movement. More and better is all that counts as they tell you their tales.

Capricorn: "I'll put this together," and they will. Self expression through structure. Dominion over nature is the goal as they lay down foundtions and push ahead.

Aquarius: "I see what's happening," and they'll prove it. Self expression through vision. The stars in their eyes are real as well as the galaxy beyond.

Pisces: "I feel this" and nothing else need be said. Self expression through the senses. Integration of perception is holy as they feel the nature of existence.

When you get to know someone, It is helpful to know how personalities may express through the sun signs for you can alot about an individual's self expression.