“Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation” by Gina Cerminara

Why do men suffer? Buddha believed that all men must become concerned with this problem. So did Jesus, Ghandi, and all spiritual leaders. In Many Mansions Dr. Cerminara explores psychic Edgar Cayce’s attempt to answer these questions through reincarnation theories and the connection Cayce made with the people he worked with. Using Karma , parapsychology, and hypnosis, he was better able to understand their purpose in life, drawing on their past lives as a measuring stick and helping hundreds to better understand their lives today.

Edgar Cayce’s predictions usher in an enlightened era where we will live as supernatural beings, unfortunately he also saw an Armageddon like ending to life as we know it, if we do not change our ways. Many mansions is an attempt to help us see what karmic laws we must live by in order to bring about that change, and Dr. Cerminara has done an excellent job preserving the intentions of Cayce. It is an important part of the book that Cayce points out that all predictions are warnings, not events that can not be checked or changed. We all have the freedom of choice and will, and how we choose to use it can bring either our salvation or our destruction.

As for past life regression, Cayce believed that we all reincarnate until we reach a state of oneness with God, which is exactly what the other great spiritual leaders who believed in reincarnation taught. People do not reincarnate to continue to act out the same violent or destructive behavior that they exhibited in their last life, but if the lesson-karma comes in here-is not learned, the soul is doomed to repeat the same acts until the change takes place. He also believed that we dream about our past lives because the soul is looking for a way to connect with that past life in order to remember what they are supposed to learn for this life.

This is not a new book. It has been around for awhile, but if you have questions about your future reincarnation theories, especially why and how to help ease the suffering of other people, this is a book which must be revisited. It is also an excellent book reference to have in your library.

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