Susceptible to Deception: Astrological Neptune

Neptune is a gas giant in our Solar System, with a methane atmosphere. Astrologically it's considered a water planet, named for the ruler of the seas. It's symbol is the trident, and it is the natural ruler of Pisces and the 12th house. Neptune in the astrology chart can tell us in what part of life we are most susceptible to deception. The symbology of this comes from the optical illusion of looking at objects through water. Objects can assume different shapes, may be placed differently from what they appear, or may not be visible at all.

Neptune can also represent our psychic self, that part of us which exists in a different medium. Just as ancient seers used water for scrying (seeing visions), Neptune can enable us to perceive beyond the norm. A strong Neptune can make us feel powerless, as evidenced by it's tremendous size.

Another characteristic of Neptune in the chart is it's tendency to dissolve. The house in which it falls can contain a continuous sense of insecurity, a feeling that anything there could go away at any time. Confusion in the area which Neptune affects is a real possibility, again, due to it's distortion effect. Intoxication is a Neptunian quality which includes alchohol and recreational drugs. As a matter of fact, people with a strong Neptune are often warned to avoid intoxication as much as possible, and may even need to take additional care with prescription drugs.

"Neptune personalities" in astrology are sometimes considered to be the equivalent of addictive personalities in psychology. Again, this is symbolically considered to be related to the extraordinary size of the planet (and thus it's energies) and the accompanying sense of overwhelm. Also, there can be an emotional susceptibility to despair, common in addicts. Since despair is another version of overwhelm this is understandable.

So, why would it be so attractive? Neptune also rules the dream state, which is essential to our well-being. Fantasies and daydreams are often part of this. Many artists of different types have a powerful Neptune in the chart, perhaps due to their remarkable ability to create images. Mystics and saints are frequently said to have a strong Neptune as well. Wonderful pharmacological discoveries have been made by Neptunians.

As I write this, Neptune in Aquarius is being squared by Saturn is in Taurus. This is an awkward aspect, with a reputation for inducing depression. Saturn is a planet representing structure and Neptune tends to dissolve structure. It's not uncommon under this transit to lose faith in some part of life, to have our dreams appear to be nothing. We may become disillusioned with some part of our lives, which may have a maturing effect or may simply leave us feeling bitter. An alternative use of these energies is to work at making our dreams more real, even in the face of their apparent unreality. We may encounter ridicule from the environment for pursuing our dreams which we may accept as truth or use to strengthen our resolve.

Neptune is one of the "big guys" but we really are not powerless in how we utilize this energy. Keeping faith in ourselves cannot be wrong, and wending our way through illusion can be a funhouse game. Keep your attitude high and this too, will pass.

By Jeri Noble