Spas Therapy Using Top 5 Healing Clays

Aromatherapy training can often include education in the use of healing clays. At most holistic healing schools that provide training of spa therapies the use of hot stones, healing clay, and essential oils is brought together to give the client a complete spa package.

It use to be services like this were only found in the Eastern part of the world, but the East and West have met and now more than ever before people are beginning to realize eastern practices provide some amazing health benefits.

Some examples of different types of clays you might find in a spa setting include Bentonite clay, French Green Clay, Fuller’s Earth Clay, Rhassoul Clay, and White Cosmetic Clay. Theyeach have their own merits.

Bentonite Clay – This type of clay is edible and used most often internally because it binds to toxins in the body and carries them out of the system. If you go to a spa that offers body detox services they may include a drink with Bentonite to help carry the toxins from the body after your massage. This type of clay is also very soft so it is a superior clay for invigorating skin masks even though it is also suitable for food use. Internally is is a great supplement known to help with mineral deficiencies.

Rhassoul Clay – This exquisite clay is from the Atlas montains of Morroco and provides a rich spa experience. It blends really well with water and is high in Magnesium, Silica, Iron, Calcium, Sodium and Potasium. It is one of the finest clays found and is used in some of he best spas around the world. It is a true treasure for pampering the skin.

French Green Clay – This is the clay of choice for problem skin and you can use it daily in troubled areas, or as a complete facial treatment. Impurities in the skin such as oils, toxic substances, and general impurities are drawn away by the clay. It comes from quarries in France and its properties increase blood flow to damaged skin cells while revitalizing the complexion and tightening the pores.

Fuller’s Earth Clay – Sometimes our skin gets damaged and this can cause discoloring. Fuller’s Earth clay can be applied as a facial bleach because of its skin-lightening abilities. It is also perfect for oily skin or those who are subject to acne breakouts. With its use oil is literally drawn from the skin so many use it in skin clay recipes.

White Cosmetic Clay – This is one of the most common types of clay that you will find in most of the skincare cosmetics that contain natural clay. Another name you may recognize it by is White Kaolin Clay. It has very absorbent properties and is found most often in powders, deodorants, and body packs.

To begin learning about Healing Clay benefits you might want to try one of the above clays for yourself!

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