Address Relationship Problems – The Us Factor Program by Joseph Melnick, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Melnick has compiled a comprehensive program for helping couples improve their relationships.

The goal of the US Factor Relationship Program is to help couples struggling with a variety of issues that can arise in any relationship and help the couples learn how to create a happy and long lasting relationship.

Put in Joseph Melnick’s words, the Us Factor program gives you “the secret to loving well.”

Get to Know Dr. Joseph Melnick

Dr. Melnick brings to the table over 25 years of experience as a marriage and couples counselor as well as his real life experience of 40 years of successful marriage.

Dr Joseph melnickDr. Melnick holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati; is Co-chair of the Cape Cod Training Program (where he helps to train other psychologists and counselors in couples counseling), a board member of the Gestalt International Study Center, as well as the Co-Editor for the Gestalt Review. The Gestalt Review is a publication focusing on the Gestalt approach to counseling. Dr. Melnick has published a number of articles on relationships and authored books.

The Us factor: What You’ll Receive

In his new program, the Us factor, Dr.Melnick unlocks the secrets of success for marriages that stand the test of time and even recover from devastating affairs and other challenges most couples face at one point or another.

This program includes 12 DVD’s, a 232 page manual, a thirteenth bonus DVD, and access to a 800 number for live personal support from specialists who are experts in the Us factor for just $1 a month.

Us Factor DVD Relationship ProgramDr. Melnick promises that the Us factor will help you to transform your marriage and teach you ways to argue for growth and to build a sustained marriage. He encourages a different approach; not looking at only what’s wrong but taking a look at what you agree on and what’s right with your partner and your relationship and proceeding from there.

In his calm, comforting, and understanding manner, Dr. Melnick explains to the viewer that most of us don’t have the skills needed to be successful in relationships for the long haul. We’ve never been taught them and tend to do what we saw our parents do. These skills can be learned by anyone who wants and by learning and implementing these essential life skills we can automatically change a marriage or relationship – sometimes in miraculous ways.

Introduction to Us Factor: Day One, Start Here

Butting headsThe program begins with a DVD (Day One) that provides an overview of what the program is all about. In this DVD Dr.Melnick takes the viewer on a journey of what will come in the next 11 DVD’s. In an interview style, Dr. Melnick briefly provides a glimpse into each of the DVD’s in this program designed to offer relationship advice, tips, and help for handling common problems couples encounter.

You’ll be introduced to the main topic that each DVD will focus on and begin to meet actual couples who appear throughout the program working with Dr. Melnick on their own marriage issues.

It’s clear that Dr. Melnick believes that small changes in dealing with your partner everyday are the key to re-discovering love, intimacy, and opening up your marriage to a deeper connection than ever before. He assures the viewers that making one or two major life changes (like selling the house and heading west in a VW bus) aren’t the answer but changing small things will produce the desired changes when both partners put what they learn into daily use.

He explains that marriage is a journey, an ongoing event and couples need to treat it as such.

A DVD for Every Relationship Problem

In his letter of introduction and thanks, Dr. Melnick tells the viewer that if they are looking to this program to deal with specific problems in their marriage (money, parenting, sex, etc.) they can go directly to the DVD for this problem and beginning tackling the problem at once.

After viewing the specific DVD and reading the Us Factor couples workbook they can then return to the Day One DVD and get to know more secrets of loving well.

The 12 DVD titles are:

  • Day One
  • Becoming Aware of Habits in Your Relationship (Part 1)
  • Becoming Aware of Habits in Your Relationship (Part 2)
  • The Key Skills for a Good Relationship
  • Resentment and Realignment
  • Broken Promises and Disappointment
  • Getting Out of the Marital Rut
  • You, Me and the Kids
  • You, Me and Mommy
  • Feel the Sparks: Sex and Intimacy (Part 1)
  • Feel the Sparks: Sex and Intimacy (Part 2)
  • The Pursuer/Distancer Relationship
  • The Bonus DVD is called The Butterfly Secret: Instant Sensuality for Couples.
  • The Accompanying Us factor Manual

Holding HandsThe manual that accompanies the program (all DVD’s and the manual are neatly organized in a sturdy binder that opens three fold and holds the DVD’s and manual in place) is meant to be used after viewing the DVD’s (one chapter per each DVD.)

This manual is full of more examples to complement the DVD’s as well as exercises for couples to take part in to learn to understand what they do now that may not be working, acquire new skills to use, and put these skills into practice in their relationship.

Positive Impression of the Us factor

I like the DVD’s used in this program instead of CD’s. It makes it easy to pay attention and you actually feel like you’re receiving the benefits of a counseling session without the high cost or the sometimes embarrassing intrusion into your life and relationship. If a couple or member of a couple is hesitant to enlist professional help for fear of an invasion of privacy (and other reasons) this program offers an excellent alternative.

Although Dr. Melnick encourages and strongly supports in-person counseling for help in relationships, for the person who doesn’t want to go that route but does want professional help this is a great choice.

Additionally, the viewer watches real life couples work through there own marital problems that most couples can relate to in one way or another. Couples express themselves and Dr. Melnick actively works with them in employing the skills he says will make your marriage a lasting one.

As you watch the different couples you begin to see parts of your own relationship in them. Viewers are able to identify with them and get first hand insight into changing skills that don’t work and adopting new ones that do. You feel like a fly on the wall of each session.

This couple’s program, the Us factor, will prove to be extremely helpful for couples who are hesitant to go into private counseling for any reasons (cost, invasion of privacy, fear, etc.) Fortunately, Dr. Melnick is willing to share his years of wisdom about how to make a marriage last and be happy in it. There are already thousands of people in this important couple’s relationship DVD program.

You can learn more about this program and they have a free trail offer.

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5 Responses

  1. Peta G. S. says:

    My unborn child’s father is breaking up with me because he cannot forgive me for stuff that happened in the past that he said was disrespectful. Things seem great at times then suddenly I can’t touch him, or I shouldn’t talk to him. Then he gets real upset and even starts to use curse words saying he doesn’t care and its over. He doesn’t want me and stuff like that. I really care about him because he can be such a good boyfriend, and he’s been there throughout the pregnancy. He still is, but I need advice as to what I should do.

  2. John Doe says:

    If a wrong was done, and an apology made, and he cannot forgive after that, then you have some tough decisions to make. As for the intermittent distance, he may be ‘going into his cave,’ or ‘stretching the rubber band,’ as “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus,” explains. Stretching but not leaving, if you stay, it is said he will bounce back. The cursing is wrong and can be a sign of abuse. The saying its over calls for some couples counseling if he is willing. Good Luck with him and your unborn child.

  3. John Doe says:

    I have a son with a woman that I have been separated from since his conception, 7 yrs ago. I have sporadically been involved in their lives, seeing my son every weekend to once a month, to now every 3-4 months. The increasing time gaps are occurring because I seem to have “gotten my back up” over a issue with my ex. She was working night shifts and needed me to watch my son during the day, at her house. I made a comment I was going to take him to the store to buy him some candy. The store is only 100 ft away, and I was told, “I couldn’t leave with him to go anywhere.” From that statement, I read into it that I was too incompetent, irresponsible, and my judgment was lacking to care for my son. This has brewed for a while now and I am having great difficulty even calling them to be involved. I realize the negative, self defeating thought has taken root and grown strong, and I don’t know how to “fix” it or get rid of it. I have never been able to spend time with my son without my ex around, and I feel like I am always under scrutiny and judgment from her, and regardless of what I do, I believe she’ll never be trusting of my judgment to care for my son. This relationship is taking a toll on my mental and emotional state, its straining my other family relations, and I don’t know how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  4. Patti says:

    Do you know why the mother treats you like she doesn’t trust you with your son? Have you tried to resolve this issue with the her? Your son needs his father. Period. It is important that your son’s well being takes the top priority. If your wife is unreasonable in your visitation or custody rights, why do you not take it to court? Consult with an attorney and have him/her send the mother a preliminary letter to sue her for fair terms of custody. Perhaps that will cause her to re-evaluate her power over the situation and you can create a written agreement without actually going to court in order to save a lot of money. The one who is hurt the most from your absence, and from the negativity between his parents, is your son. You can fix it now, and avoid much, much bigger problems when you son reaches his teens.

  5. Nat says:

    There is a whole journey ahead to “fix” your own issues you are admitting to, start that growth, in the mean time feel the pain and reality of Fatherhood, and do what is correct for your him, your son is more important than your feelings. His Mother might be looking for this paternal ability in you.

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