Seeds of Enlightenment – Changing the Paradigm Series by Jeddah Mali

Seeds of Enlightenment: Changing the Paradigm is a powerful, self exploratory tool.

You’ll be taken on a journey into the unexplored world of consciousness within yourself to discover your own truth and the truth of the universe.

Led through an introduction by Jack Campfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and numerous other spiritual and self help books, you’ll discover a series of deep guided meditations.

Campfield introduces you to Jeddah Mali; a spiritual mentor and meditation leader used personally by Campfield.

Jeddah Mali is truly a deeply spiritual, aware person who exists at a higher state of consciousness than most. It’s obvious from her words and the aurora she conveys through the CD’s audio lessons. Mali is very deep; and helps you to learn deep meditative states in an easy way – by direct experience. She personally leads you in each of the eight meditations found on the Seeds of Enlightenment CD Series.

Jeddah Mali’s Spiritual Journey

Jeddah MaliMali’s spiritual awareness began as a young child; she says she was aware of certain aspects of her world she intuitively knew others took for granted. At the young age of twenty Mali began on what she calls a spiritual quest; a journey that lasted for twenty years. During this time Mali studied with dedication, willingness, and perseverance under the guidance of many great masters of consciousness.

She studied in Asia with the renowned master His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness Ajahn Buddhadassa, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Master Goenka, and many more spiritual teachers. Upon her return she began one on one mentoring and meditation teachings.

This CD audio meditation series takes you on a wonderful transformation journey to discover a deep inner peace and intuitively know and trust your inner self in all situations.

Discover Your Own Paradigm

A paradigm is a set of beliefs that guide you through your day to day existence. These beliefs determine how you experience the world and what happens in it. Our paradigms are self created; therefore we create our own realities. Changing our paradigms changes our realities; changing your reality changes your life.

Mali says that if you are unsatisfied, unhappy, or confused about any aspect of your life then that’s a message to change your paradigm.

If you follow Mali on this journey and practice will diligence the meditations, you will experience a new paradigm that leads you to working and living in harmony with all of life. Mali promises the growth you’ll experience in harmony and inner peace can be beyond your greatest expectations.

These meditations are the most beautiful and workable I have ever found. And I have been meditating for over 40 years. Jeddah Mali is a gift from heaven.”
– Mamdouh Fahmy, Switzerland.

8 Meditations to Change Your Own Paradigm

Seeds of Enlightenment SeriesIn her gentle, soft style Mali shares 8 complete guided meditations.

The meditations you will find in the series are:

• Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment
• Intention and Feedback
• Overcoming Limitation
• Energy Centers
• Energy Bodies
• Trust and Surrender
• Changing the Paradigm
• Benevolent Intelligence

Each of the meditations builds on the one before. Mali instructs the student (the listener) not to rush the process but take your time in each meditation and enjoy the process.

Practice Recommendations in Meditation

Each meditation in the series should be practiced 3 times a week (minimum) and you should also make time during each week to do your own meditation without the CD’s. Once you’ve listened to, practiced, and mastered the meditations you can move freely from one to the other as you desire.

The program comes with a small, CD sized booklet 47 pages long. This booklet complements the CD’s and meditations further explaining each. There’s also a section on meditation postures and breathing exercises describing in detail 4 classic meditation breathing exercises: Dirgha Pranayama (The Complete Breath, The Yogic Breath); Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean Sounding Breath); Nadi Shodana (Channel Purification Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing); and Kapalabati Pranayama (Skull Polishing Breath, The Breath of Fire.)

Keys to Success with Seeds of Enlightenment

Meditation Series BenefitsYou are encouraged to use patience, perseverance, willingness, openness, and trust on your journey into changing your paradigm.
I enjoyed the Seeds of Enlightenment CDs. I plan to continue to use them on a weekly basis to further deepen my understanding and connection to the universal laws that govern all.

This is not a simple meditation series; the concepts are rather deep and somewhat difficult to grasp at first. Continued practice and patience are required to ‘get’ this program. Mali is a calmly magnificent leader on this journey. I highly recommend this program for anyone who truly wants to change the way they look at life and uncover a deep intrinsic beauty that’s been with you all along.

To learn more visit > Seeds of Enlightenment Series by Jeddah Mali

Jeddah Mali’s meditations take me to cloud nine, and when I am returned back to Earth I feel completely blissed out. I have noticed that I am more sensitive to energy just as when I have spent time practicing Spring Forest Qigong. I can’t recommend her program enough to connect with your inner peace.”
– David, Albany, New York

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