Love Relationships that are Karmic: Part I of 3

A powerful love relationship (whether espressed positively or negatively) probably has karmic undercurrents to it. We can look at this from the viewpoint that these two people have interacted in a past life. Or, we can take the perspective that we attract certain types of people in order to work out old issues of ours. Either viewpoint is feasible and can be dealt with. After all, “karma” simply means “consequences”.

The idea of karma in a relationship is sort of spooky, no matter how it is manifesting. There are feelings of deja vu and an underlying knowledge of what makes the other person tick. This can be a positive expression, deepening the emotions and making one far more conscious of their actions and behavior than they might be ordinarily. It may be a negative expression, wherein two people act out an old behavior pattern from the past as if it were a film loop, running over and over the same material.

Many people will make their decisions about a relationship based upon the karma it carries. This can cause some to avoid any connection, because of an understanding that this relationship will be “high maintenance”, meaning that a lot of discussion is required, lots of working out of misunderstandings, choices, etc. This appears to be part of the consequence of running a more “conscious” relationship.

Nasty karmic situations are often marked by violence or tragedy. Some long-term abuse situations appear to be old habit patterns in action, a “We’ve always done this,” sort of condition.

Breaking out of a karmic pattern can be constructive whether the love relationship is having trouble or not. A lovely bit of synchronicity in this is that whenever we make the choice to work out relationship karma, we are demonstrating our readiness to be free of it. Here are some examples of how this can work:

Our own repetitive behavior:

If we find ourself attracting the same sort of “wrong” partner each time, we can explore how our needs for this are now fulfilled. For example, women often complain they have come across “another emotionally unavailable man,” who comes close only to distance himself later down the road.

Compulsions with a partner:

When we are in a punishment or debt-oriented cycle with a specific partner, we can choose to work together as equals to end the old competitive pattern. We can set aside our need to be right, or controlling and find ways to support one another.

Same old thing, tra la:

If we have found a favorite pastlife partner with whom we just like to spend time with, we can move our attention to creating new goals to accomplish together. This is a fantastic way to build positive karma that you can reap from life and life.

Making a karmic situation more conscious is always very rewarding. I liken it to getting the steering wheel back after the car has been running out of control. Our spiritual debts, mental patterns and personality quirks are things that we can move through and consequently transform. This is our evolutionary destiny and we can influence it.

So don’t fear that all karmic love relationships have to be challenging and difficult. As we choose to be more conscious we can transform negative patterns by choosing more conscious and loving behaviors.

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