Love Advice: Rules of Relationships

When seeking love advice it is important to understand the rules of relationships. Relationship rules are an extremely controversial matters. They have been this way throughout recorded history. Many efforts to legislate them into law have had only temporary effectiveness, and some of the efforts made to enforce these rules have been absurd as well as pathetic. This has been explained as the species’ efforts to control procreation and perhaps that’s true to a limited extent. Viewed from the perspective of metaphysics, the subject takes on a very different light.

We are each infinite, immortal, spiritual beings. For the sake of convenience, we will usually forget that and try to deal with material existence in terms of finite measurements such as balances, weights, distances, time, etc. Perhaps the most difficult area to maintain this pretense of limitation is in the area of the heart. Once we open up to love, we have to quit lying to ourselves about the fact that magic exists, that miracles can happen and that a loved one can be as a god/dess to us. Oops. Now, how are we supposed to lasso this infinite, immortal, spiritual being with the finite regulations of material life? Good luck.

Luckily, we ourselves are equally infinite, immortal and spiritual, so we also will only abide by these regulations for as long as we choose to. We can’t actually be bound by them, or controlled by them, unless we choose to be. For either party in a relationship to honor the agreements made in a relationship, there has to be a self-determined choice to do so. Due to these metaphysical facts of life, there are ways to ease the rule making process. What follows are a few suggestions to encourage both parties to create rules and want to abide by them.

Allow all relationship rules to be re-negotiated. New agreements can be mutually arrived at to accomodate changes in life or perspective. You don’t have to continue to be faithful to me even after I’ve been unfaithful to you.

Decisions made by one party are not binding on both. If you pick out a new house, and even put down a deposit, I don’t have to move in.

Love is the priority. Anything else must be of secondary importance.

Legitimate attempts at forgiveness must be attempted no matter how “heinous” the apparent indescretion.

These are a few ways to ease the strain of two people trying to love each other without also trying to control each other. It keeps the relationship very fresh, though it may be less predictable than some may want. Some advice on love is to consider creating some rules in your relationships to help create guide posts along the path of love.

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