Mending Relationships: Positive Affirmation of Expectancy

Sometimes we have to get out of ourselves and be willing to hold unconditional love for our partners. A fantastic tool for mending relationships is to hold the other person able.

With a positive affirmation for a loved one, one of the finest things we can do is to know that what they want for themselves, is already so. This shouldn’t be threatening if you also own your own power to create.

In my opinion, this is what metaphysicians do for each other, they support one another through affirmations, meditation and creataive visualization. We add our mental and emotional confidence to the other’s dream, knowing that it is indeed, manifest. So why not direct this same affirming energy towards expectancy.

As well as adding the power of our imaging to our partner’s belief, this is also enormously supportive in bolstering his/her self-confidence. That can show up in whatever actions they are taking, as well as in their own imaging work. If the two of you are commited to believing in the success of a dream, it has no choice but to manifest in the physical world. And this energy can ripple and help mend relationship problems, too.

Another area that imaging for another can be helpful, is in seeing the finer qualities of them. We are often blind to our good points, having become accustomed to self-criticism or negative self-esteem. Under such circumstances, having someone around who holds the vision of our perfection is invaluable. This is a wonderful expression of love, and provides healing energy for both parties.

The converse is also true. It does not help our partner in any way for us to buy into their negative self-image. We need not support them in seeing them as inadequate, or insufficient. This is enabling from the metaphysical perspective. We can know that they are strong, capable and wise, which in truth, they are. Our refusal to accept any vision other than this, is a reminder to them that they need no crutches such as addictive substances or habits. They are complete unto themselves which helps heal issues of neediness, or depencency.

Give those you love the gift of positive attitude and expectations. It will help them thrive from the boost of love they receive from you and it will help in mending relationships that have been confusing.

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