Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Personal Relationships by Robert Lee Camp

If you are interested in karmic destiny, this book will give you clear insight to your personal karmic lessons using the day of your birth as a guideline. Your birthday astrology chart is made up of the position of the sun, moon, and planetary positions as they appeared in the sky at the exact moment of your birth, and is the most common form of astrology to read about in the paper-your horoscope.

But the daily horoscope doesn’t go into karma-it can’t- because it’s too vague to apply to everyone. This book is designed to give a more detailed example, and ideas to work on your personal relationships. In the step by step process outlined by Camp, we begin to see our interpersonal relationships as mirrors of ourselves, which helps explain the patterns we use in determining them. Whether you are interested in mending a relationship or beginning a new one, you are sure to gain important insights with this book. It definitely will come in handy when you decide that its time to make amends to a parent or sibling-it helped me tremendously-or when you can’t answer the question of why you keep choosing emotionally unavailable people in which to have intimate relationships.

As far as romance astrology goes, that seems to be the first question anyone asks who is interested in astrology. How do I meet Mr. Right is no longer the question. The question is “How do I work on myself in order to draw Mr. Right into my life?”

This book is really in depth, using playing cards rather than what we know as traditional fortune telling cards (even though playing cards where the original fortune telling cards) which are defined in detail within each section of the book. The chapters are divided into the suits, planets, and karmic lessons associated with each. Like some of the other detailed books, this one is for the intermediate astrologer, rather than the beginner, but is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of birthday astrology books.

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