The Astrology of Midlife and Aging by Erin Sullivan

Called one of the best astrology writers out there, Erin Sullivan proves it again in “The Astrology of Midlife and Aging.” This look takes a look at baby boomers and the aging process, as well as aging an the learning process, stressing the need for society to revisit the reverence that we used to have for the elderly. After all, it used to take everything one had to make it past adolescence. As society has changed, the elderly are no longer seen as an asset to the youth, but sick and bothersome, to spend the rest of their days in nursing homes and assisted living centers. It is a travesty.

The book stresses that there are as many ways of being as there are people, and not one single way to walk this path. Using astrology counseling to explore the natal horoscope, Sullivan writes about society’s conditions and the need to work within the family system to gain insight to your life path-that everything has a place in the universe, and at every turn, one can check or change that path. We are truly the centers of our own universe in that the choices we make affect that universe.

From this book you will learn the process of aging and maturing using real astrology, the points of the stars in the universe and how they correlate to you. You are not alone. By the time we reach midlife we are often disenchanted with the world and may have a bleak outlook on the future. This is the most common form of mid-life crisis, not the type that is quelled by buying a new sports car! You will learn the three stages of mid-life transition, and the significant role that the planets Saturn and Uranus play in the aging process. Perhaps the most helpful part of the book, besides the understanding one will achieve, is the later life purpose for each individual by sign, as pointed out using Uranus as a focal point for aging an the learning process. This book makes a great 40th birthday present.

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