25 Healthy Habits: A Series for Building Your Body’s Health

Creating a wellness plan includes being conscious about activities in your life that can promote physical, mental and spiritual balance. Taking a consciousness effort to build better health not only takes a regular physical fitness plan, but also the development of healthy habits that build personal strength and integrity when it comes to supporting your physical body’s needs. You will find twenty five tips for improving your health and many are also tips that will help you loose weight along with it.

Check back each day as we will be continually adding new tips until we complete the series on tips for building a healthy life.

Healthy Habits Series:

  1. Volunteering From Working Vacations to Volunteer Work Locally
  2. Take a Personal or Family Vacation – Weekend Getaways and Travel Destinations for the Body, Mind, or Soul
  3. Stretching Fitness – Learn Simple Stretching Exercises to Maintain Body Flexibility
  4. Finding Life Purpose – Two Personality Types for Finding Your Purpose
  5. Develop a Competive Athletic Skill – Join a Team Sport
  6. Learning Yoga Positions for Beginners Can Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals
  7. Plants and Pets – Two of Natures Healers Help Balance Emotional Stress
  8. Discovering Techniques on How to Meditate – Sit Back, Rest, Relax, and Become Stress Free
  9. Studies on Laughter – The Lighter Side of Healing
  10. The Adverse Effects of Drugs and Prescribed Medications – How Conscious are You About What You are Taking?
  11. Journal Writing – Find the Therapuetic Benefits of Journaling
  12. Nature for Life and Living in Balance
  13. A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  14. Choose Your Favorite Form of Personal Growth Therapy
  15. Exercise and Creating Your Own Work Out Tips
  16. Braking the Habit – First You Have to Put on the Brakes
  17. Energy Healing Therapy – East Meet West
  18. Why Eating Right for Your Body Type Promotes a Long Life
  19. Creative Workshops and Finding Creative Outlets
  20. Benefits of Taking Vitamins
  21. Stress Relief Management
  22. Being Conscious of At Risk Behavior
  23. Finding Your Own Spiritual Practice
  24. Healthy Relationships Support Health and Wellness
  25. Getting a Yearly Health Check Up and Eye Exams

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