CDI College in Edmonton North Campus, Alberta

Becoming a professional massage therapist is a way to work in a lucrative field and yet enjoy your work. You’ll be contributing to the well being of your clients and making a difference in their lives.

Begin by taking massage courses and training at CDI College offering education in Unit 104, located at 9450 – 137th Ave, Northwood Mall, Edmonton, AB T5E 6C2. Considered the best massage therapy school in Canada by many, the massage classes you’ll attend while at CDI will prepare you fully to score exceptionally well when taking the College of Massage Therapists of Alberta (CMTA) exams. Upon passing the exam you will be able to become a registered massage therapist (RMT) and begin your career.

You’ll learn through hands-on learning and classroom studies how to implement the natural healing techniques of massage therapy to allow your clients’ bodies to heal themselves. By improving circulation, immune response, relieving pain, relaxing stiff muscles and joints, this therapy which has become so in-demand will leave both you and your clients feeling better. You’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve helped someone feel better and live life with more ease and relaxation, allowing pain from injuries to subside.

You can take the first step and get all your questions answered by contacting the school. With easy registration and financial aid available for those in need of a little help, why delay learning about the schools courses and classes? You can receive a complete information package providing answers to your important questions, simply be requesting it.

To learn more, enter your information at > CDI College in Edmonton, Alberta

Massage Training Tips

hot stone massageSelecting Massage Pillows

When selecting pillows for your massage room, do not choose down filled pillows. Many people experience severe allergies to down. Choose hypoallergenic pillows and enclose pillows in dust mite proof pillow covers before placing them in pillow cases. If you can, go that extra step and purchase organic cotton cases, too.

Be sure and change pillow cases after each massage session. Always fluff and smooth the pillow between clients for the most comfort. Replace your pillows at least every six months so that they provide the support and comfort to make your clients feel truly special.

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