Medix School in Scarborough, Ontario

Learn therapeutic massage at one of the finest massage therapy schools in Canada; Medix School located at 2130 Lawrence Ave. E. Ste. 205, Scarborough Ontario, M1R 3A6. You may just find this may be the right school for you!

Holding the accreditations to make this school stand out among schools for massage therapy, Medix School will prepare you in every way to succeed in the in-demand profession of therapeutic massage. Upon completion, you’ll be fully prepared to excel in the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario (CMTO) exams. Once you become a registered massage therapist, employment doors will open for you in exciting workplaces such as hospitals, gyms, cruise ships, sports centers, wellness centers and more.

You’ll learn to help your clients’ bodies heal naturally by using massage techniques including acupressure to promote circulation, relieve pain, relax tense muscles, improve immune response, lower blood pressure and much more. You’ll go home each day satisfied that you’ve made a very real difference in people’s lives while earning in a l ucrative profession.

You can begin your journey by taking a tour of the school and getting the information you need to learn more about their program. You will be one step further to receiving answers to your questions and the start of a satisfying and exciting career.

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