Babaji Harihar Ramji: Vibration, Light, & Wholeness

Everything in reality is nothing but vibration.

Our human body, we are constantly putting out vibration.

When I am established in my wholeness, the vibrations coming out of my being work like magic.

They become healing vibrations to this world. The speech that’s coming from a heart that’s filled with love effects the other person.

That’s how the mantra science really works that, when you are repeating your mantra, it echoing inside and every single cell of your body is realigning itself to that vibration.

Darkness is vast…you strike a match…the whole room fills with light…darkness is gone. Vibrations coming out of our being, when we are established in our wholeness, are like striking that match.

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) One Minute Shift

Baba Harihar Ramji (Babaji) of Sonoma Ashram



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3 Responses

  1. geeta says:

    I feel this website to be very useful and helpful.

    My question is: How can I be always at peace?

  2. Hi Geeta,

    Glad you are enjoying all the free content on Your question is a great question. We have found the very first step for creating inner peace is learning self love. This is the basis which all other awareness, principles, values, etc. are expressed from. By building self love we can learn to care for others as we would ourselves.

    Also, when we look out at the world (seeing so much chaos) by trusting that we all have the capacity to learn that we are all reflections of each other supports our collective natures in becoming more aware. This may be the foundation to your question. Thanks for asking, and we look forward to what others have to share on this wonderfully vast topic.

  3. Shelly B. says:

    Hello, I appreciate any advice you might give me in advance. How does one end a lifelong pattern of distrust and anger towards others.

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