Lincoln College of Technology – Norcross, Georgia

Looking for a one of the truly great massage schools?

Georgia offers the Lincoln College of Technology formally the Career Education Institute at Norcross for a therapeutic massage therapy school that can’t be beat.

Hands-on massage classes and training plus professional instructors provide you the education and skills you need to enter the in-demand career field of massage.

As more and more people turn to massage therapy as one of the most effective natural healing methods, the demand for trained massage therapists soars. Already the demand is much greater than the supply of professionals in this field. Few careers offer the job opportunities plus the personal and financial rewards that are provided by becoming a professional in therapeutic massage.

You may be happy to know their are job placements available in many different establishments, such as yoga studios, alternative health care centers, and even cruise ships, as well as Doctor’s offices, hospitals, massage care facilities to name a few. Jobs are plentiful in this industry for those who are seeking placement rather than beginning their own private practice.

If you want to open the door for change into a health and wellness field of opportunity you can easily request information on how to begin training for a lucrative career that truly makes a difference.

NOTE: Lincoln in Norcorss no longer offers massage courses

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