Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are considering attending massage training courses at one of the Florida massage therapy schools, you’ll want to know about Keiser University in West Palm Beach.

The campus consists of over 40,000 square feet of air conditioned and well-lit classrooms.

This West Palm Beach massage school is located at 2085 Vista Parkway near the Florida Turnpike in Palm Beach County.

This great massage therapy school in South Florida offers both classroom training and hands-on clinical training to prepare you in every way to become a success in this in-demand field. Once you earn your Associate of Science Degree you will be on you way to a career in the healing arts.

There are few career paths you can select that allow you to begin practicing a healing art that is satisfying and lucrative where the educational requirements can be completed in such a short amount of time. Today the demand for trained professionals in massage therapy is greater than the available therapists and that need is estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor to grow as much as 35% by 2010.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help people feel better, you can obtain complimentary information. Keiser University will forward you the information you need upon entering your information in the school’s convenient online inform request form. You will promptly receive answers to your very important questions regarding their classes, scheduling, and fees.

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