The Purposeful Universe by Carl Calleman – A View on the Evolution of Life

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3 Responses

  1. John G. says:

    I’ve never read such pompous writing in my whole entire life. This shows why the WWW isn’t always a good idea. Anyone can publish anything for everyone to read without any authority but their own foolish mind.

  2. Chris D. says:

    Like all critics Curtis McCosco makes bold statements without backing up his opinions with facts. Firstly, if the universe has no purpose what is the point of us being here? Secondly, if the universe happened randomly, with no prescribed order, how does he describe fractal logic at micro and macro levels? Thirdly, it is now realized by many key biologists that evolution advances more by cooperation between organisms than by competition. Darwinism, which was a symptom of Newton’s published mechanical description of the universe, gave rise to the fascist and military dictatorships of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco etc. The Darwinist concept of species selection paved the way for racial profiling and eugenics. While I applaud Darwin for his pioneering evolutionary work I hope we have all grown up a little since then, where our concepts of evolution and purpose are concerned.

  3. Curtis says:

    Alas, poor Mr. Darwin is now blamed for Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, but spared responsibility for Stalin, Mao or Henry Kissinger, must be some other secular humanist progenitor for them. I see Chris D. is as ignorant of the meaning of “randomness” in biology as Dr. Calleman. That fact is covered in my critique. If only we could evolve a world without serious critics. Then we could have … wait, we did have such a utopia. It was the administration of Bush the Younger. As for purpose, who decides what the purpose of the universe is? God? Then who translates? You, Chris D? Some bronze age poets in the Sinai? The Pope? Calleman? I’ll take my universe benignly ambivalent, thank you very much. 

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