Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider

A very thick book (832 pages) in the Secret language Series, this book is wonderful. The cover alone draws one to opening the book! The correlation between ones birthday, astrology sign, and their behavior has been explored everywhere from leading universities to the local bar. “What’s you sign? Oh, Leo, I just knew it” can be heard on virtually every dance floor in America, and the selling of jewelry which has a lion’s head (for Leo) or any other sign continues to hold firm as a top gift idea. After all, you can’t go wrong giving someone something that corresponds to their star sign. How often do you check your daily horoscope while having your morning coffee? The subject is and always has been a hot topic.

But what do we really know about our zodiac signs? There is certainly more to it then the daily horoscope in the paper, which is vague but entertaining at best. Do you really know what characteristics to expect from, say, a Sagittarius? What if their moon sign is Virgo? That may change everything. Would you take a Virgo female on a camping trip. (Only if I wanted to spend the weekend being ashamed that I pee’d in the bushes in front of her) Have you ever had a real astrology reading? There’s way more to it then which month you were born in. This book not only uses basic astrology, but numerology and nautical star positioning at the time of your birth to give you an in depth look at your traits, and some characteristics you may want to work on.

This book is concise and easy to use. You can spend all day drawing up a complete character chart for your girlfriend, or take a quick peek to see if ‘miss right’ just walked into the room. Get to know what to expect from your boss, your co-workers, and the new guy who just moved downstairs from you. The basic personalities of astrology signs are listed individually, and listed as to how well they match up in different areas with others. If you are a beginner, or an old hand at using your friend’s birthdays as astrology conversation, this book is a must have for your collection.

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