Chart Interpretation Handbook by Stephen Arroyo

Both beginning and long time astrologers seem to like the “Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart.” Not only does it give the interpretations of the characteristics of each sign, but explains the patterns within a birth chart. Astrology chart reading can be quite intimidating at first, but rather than vague insight, this book is designed to form specific logical patterns which you can translate easily into your own life.

Chapter two, for instance, is exact, titles how to use this book. A good way to begin, and chapter three gives an overview of the elements as they pertain to the twelve signs to get you started. The book is formatted to be easy for even the novice astrologer to understand and begin to put into practice. Rather than going into the birthday sun sign right away, you are required to read all the way through the “tough parts” in order to gain a better understanding before you define the sun sign and its meaning in relation to your life path.

Astrology reports and charts go into great detail, giving clear definition to their meanings, and all the aspects of both lunar and sun relation planets are explained. The book reminds us of the fact that astrology is a science, not made up sentences in the daily paper to guide our day. The book goes into the history of astrology as used by military and other world events, lending credence to it as a science and as an art. We are reminded that the world’s great leaders often relied on the position of the stars when making decisions which would impact the future. The book is neither vague nor complex, keeping a good balance between the questions everyone wants answered (like who we should choose for a mate based on their sign) and the ones we wouldn’t even think of to ask (such as what our karmic lessons should be in this life).

If you are into astrology chart reading as a hobby or as part of the practice of your daily life, this book is one that you won’t want to miss.

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