Astrology Aspects for November 2005 Effecting all Astrological Signs: Finding Truth, Power, & Security

October 23rd-Sun enters Scorpio. See Monthly Transit Talk for information on how this will affect us all.

October 25th 2005 until November 23rd 2006-Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Every twelve years Jupiter visits each sign. And in late October, Jupiter entered Scorpio for the first time in 12 years. In general, this is a good thing for you Scorpio’s, as Jupiter’s influence is basically considered as positive. That said, there is currently so much going on in relation to Jupiter entering Scorpio, it’s not as clear as to this positive influence for you Scorpio’s, or for any of us. (A look at your chart will definitely reveal more as to what positive influence Jupiter will have on you personally.)

Jupiter here can help you feel more comfortable with the process of delving deeper into our own psyche with the intention of better understanding just what makes you tick. You may find that you are more interested than usual in exploring some aspect of your inner being, truly desiring to “know thyself” in some way not known before. Also, Jupiter here allows that which is hidden to be revealed and brought “out of the closet”. This may well play a part in the current national arena of probes and investigations. With our curiosity renewed (“Just why did we go to war?”) and our passion for the truth infused with the strong principles that Jupiter can ignite, many areas of life, whether personal, professional or political, are now under the scrutiny of Jupiter’s domain – the planet that seeks to know the truth and then seek justice like no other.

Also during the next few weeks, as Jupiter moves further into the sign of Scorpio, it will be filling in a Grand Cross in the fixed signs. (Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Aquarius form this cross). This is quite a potent and unusual formation, especially because of Mars being a part of it for so long, due to it being retrograde at this time, lengthening the time it normally stays in any one sign. This will activate this cross so that we will all very likely be feeling the intensity and fire of this astrological event in unavoidable ways. Mars is called the “catalyst” of the Zodiac, hence expect to see sparks fly and areas previously ignored, hidden or dormant come to the forefront or surface, demanding attention and action. This will be felt both internally and externally. So it would be good to better understand just what these four signs rule, as these areas are the ones that will be more influenced now.

Basically, the four fixed signs deal with purpose, willpower and help us to manifest our intentions, dreams and ideals. Our reservoirs of energy and passion are found here. This signs of this Grand Cross has been called the “executive signs” as they have influence over those in power and who rule. (They have also been called the “seismic signs” as many major earthquakes occur when the Sun or Moon are in a fixed sign.) Getting your focus now is:

  • your basic determination and persistence; (How determined are you in accomplishing what you really want?)
  • your resources and finances; (How secure do you feel in this way and what to you call genuine security?)
  • how you view and see power, abuse of power and feeling empowered (or not); (What do you give power to? What do you draw your power from? What makes you feel empowered and do you focus on that as much as you could?

An Overview of the Fixed Grand Cross

The seeds of purpose, which become our focus, are planted in the fertile sign of Taurus, given enthusiasm in the fiery sign of Leo, then the passion and intensity of Scorpio gives it depth of purpose and the humanitarian and visionary sign of Aquarius completes the process by giving our creation to the world, for good or bad. Where these four signs form a cross in your own chart will give you more information as to how this unusual and potent Fixed Grand Cross will be influencing you personally during the next few months (essentially through February, 2006).

As we enter this time, be open to seeing what truly motivates and inspires you. Also, look at your true intentions, which you may find are really quite different than your stated ones. Try to stay open to seeing the truth about any given situation and then be willing to adjust your support, focus and direction accordingly. Being stubborn and resistant to the changes needed now will only result in regret as time goes on. While it isn’t going to be necessarily comfortable or easy to make the necessary adjustments now, some help may well come from Uranus in Pisces, making a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio (a trine) and to the Mars station in Taurus (a sextile) in early December This will help us to view things from new perspectives, be curious as to the cosmic plan and also to stay flexible as needed.

[A note about Uranus in Pisces. It will be stationing direct on 11/15 which could help in giving us some much needed inspiration and insights at this time. That said, it may also create a sensation of feeling as though you are at the center of a storm or vortex of energy for the few days before and after the station. Meditation and spiritual practices will help you in gleaning the messages being given through the chaos and commotion that may be in abundance during this time. Also, watch your dreams for messages, as well as what comes in out of the clear blue. An odd thing I have noticed before under a strong Uranian influence such as this station, is that strange things can occur while operating machinery, which can include driving your car or blow-drying your hair or sitting at your computer or others. Notice who calls, what book just fell off the shelf, the words to the song playing that keep rolling around in your head or anything that is out of the ordinary. Messages can come in peculiar packages during this time.]

November 5th-Venus enters Capricorn until December 15th. Venus here will help us to see things in a more grounded, practical light. We are now primarily concerned with how secure we feel and what we are doing to create better security in the future. This may apply to us personally, or to the world at large. Does the world seem a safer and saner place than it did a few years ago? Are our leaders doing their job to make this happen? It is important to ask these questions, as we are wanting to better secure what we truly value and care about now. It is further advised to be frugal and prudent during this time, not wasting your resources on unnecessary items or expenditures. This placement of Venus also helps us to be better disciplined and more goal oriented, as opposed to wanting instant gratification. Also, your relationships may require a reevaluation of where you with regards to the issue of commitment. Overall, this is a good time to revisit how you are preparing for your future and if you are doing now what will help to create a more solid foundation down the road.

October 30th-Mercury enters Sagittarius until October 11/26, then turns retrograde on 11/13, re-entering Scorpio on 11/26, and turns direct on 12/3 in Scorpio, re-entering Sagittarius on 12/12 until 1/3/06.

Quite a mouthful, don’t you think? Ok, so what does all this mean. First, keep in mind that Mercury rules our communications, thoughts and mental process. While it is in Sagittarius, we turn our thoughts to higher truths, what is morally correct, as well as justice and honesty. Best case scenario, our conversations include these topics and these approaches in understanding others as well the issues we are currently facing. What is the truth here? What is just and right? What else do I need to know in order to make a wise decision?

As Mercury stations retrograde for three weeks on 11/13, it is best to slow things down, not initiate projects or plans, and do some regrouping. Don’t assume that others understand you or that you understand them. And in fact, ask often “now let me see if I got this right?”. Do some research, re-read articles or papers for information that you may need now or in the near future and just assume that important decisions are going to have to wait a few weeks to be made.

An important aspect of this retrograde period is that Mercury will be re-entering Scorpio on 11/26, just as the Grand Fixed Cross (mentioned above) is really heating up. I suggest that you re-read what I did write above at this point (perhaps it would be good to mark it on your calendar). Mercury here at this time, and actually until it re-enters Sagittarius on 12/12, brings an added element to the influence of this Fixed Cross. For one, the investigative quality inherent in the sign of Scorpio will very likely get stronger. Superficial answers won’t do and neither will denial or avoidance. As there is simply no where’s to hide. It is truly time to lay the cards on the table and face those things that need to come out into the open. This may apply to either your personal life or in the lives of those around you or in the world at large. The media will likely be filled with stories revealing things that have been cleverly hidden. Scandals involving misuse of power, funds, leadership or trust will very likely be exposed.

Personally, some key elements now are being scrupulously honest, don’t believe things at face value and be tenacious and determined in seeking out what you really need to know. A word of advice here: look at yourself before you take this approach with others. That said, this is a time you may have to look the dragon in the eye, and call a spade a spade. Trust that all this inspection and examination will be worth it in the long run.

Once Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on 12/12, some most interesting and important truths should be out in the open, giving us opportunities to now move forward with the information we need to do so with greater knowledge and discernment. A greater sense of freedom is felt, and the actions we need to take become clearer. Our highest aim now is independence and a better sense of what is just and right. We have, hopefully, reclaimed some part of our moral fiber and personal truth and re-set our sail accordingly. And, I should add that the Fixed Grand Cross is still playing out, and will be until mid-February, which will mean that aspects of these realizations may take the next few weeks to come into being or to be incorporated into our reality.

In general during such a heightened time of Mercury influence, it is important to be mindful of our thoughts and attitudes, make extra efforts to communicate clearly, listen attentively and stay very aware of what is going on around you. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain significant insights, resulting in the guidance needed to go forward with a greater sense of purpose and of just how to go about in accomplishing this.

November 15th-Full Moon at 23°46′ Taurus at 4:57 pm PDT, 5:57 pm MDT, 6:57 pm CDT and 7:57 pm EDT. The Full Moon this month should be a pretty interesting time, filled with mystery, intrigue and passion. Basically, it will bring to the forefront, in some unavoidable ways, the themes and dynamics of the Fixed Cross mentioned above. For the astrologers out there, note that the degree of this Full Moon is also that of Mars retrograde station in Taurus on 10/1 and within one degree of Mercury’s station direct in Scorpio on 12/3. Hence, anyone who has planets or angles at these points by conjunction, square or opposition is really taking a hit. And, those of you born in the middle of May, August, November or February definitely fall into this category and are in for a wild ride, so hold on. Further, anyone who has planets at this degree will also be strongly affected by this influence (getting a reading will tell you how your own chart is being impacted by the focus on these degrees).

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