Prosperity Traps to Wealth Building

Few of us in this world are completely satisfied with our financial condition. There has been religious dogma handed down through the ages to explain this, but if that were a good explanation, why are we still dissatisfied?

Deep within us all is the understanding and knowledge, practically instinctual, that we are supposed to be completely fulfilled in every way. Any hypothesis that counters this understanding simply doesn't stick, it doesn't resonate as truth for us.

I've made a study of the metaphysics of prosperity creation for almost 30 years. These studies combined with my own experience show a few common beliefs which appear to inhibit our ability for the wealth building we desire, be it monetary or otherwise. The prosperity traps are:

We don't believe we're good enough

We don't believe we're loved enough

We're just the wrong "type"

What we want is "too good to be true"

I hope you enjoy the series of articles that follow to help you with your wealth building. They focus on on these areas mentioned above. As you read through the prosperity articles reflect on these concepts for yourself. The point is that each one is invalid. It simply has no relation to reality.

Prosperity beliefs are insidious. We have rationalized lack, scarcity and want to the degree that hopelessness sets in and we just don't feel that things will ever be better. This isn't necessary. We can improve our lot in life without sacrificing our integrity or working ourselves into a state of exhaustion. We can fuel our prosperity destiny and vision.