Plants and Pets – Two of Natures Healers Help Balance Emotional Stress

Few people are aware of the positive health benefits provided by plants and pets. Many studies have proven that those who have one, the other or both, enjoy less stress and have a greater degree of good health than those who do not have either one. The reasons for this are murky at best but it is believed that both go a long way to reducing overall stress level and increase peace of mind. The bottom line is that there are benefits to be enjoyed by both therefore everyone should seek to make one or both a part of their life.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. All of us have experienced the joy a pet brings into our life at least at one point in our life. They provide a sense of companionship that is sometimes lacking in day-to-day life and this is important for our emotional health. Not only do we receive benefits from their love and desire to connect, but they also need us to take care of them and that provides psychological needs that few are consciously aware of.

Plants also provide a place to extend our nurturing, and in a way are also a sense of company. They also create a more positive atmosphere by making chemical changes in the air around us. As we take care of them we get to watch them grow and the plants that flower provide stimulation for various senses. They can also give us opportunities to share, providing we have enough flowering to share with others. Even an african violet on a window sill can provide a delight to the senses.

As we can see, plants can provide many of the same benefits as pets. The bottom line is by having either one to care and nuture your household provides health benefits physically, mentally and emotionally for you, too.

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