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"Life Between Lives" by Michael Newton

Michael Newton's step by step methods for hypnosis geared to take the subject back in time to the spirit world are revealed for the first time in his new book, "Life Between Lives." The answers to the question "are past life regressions evidence of reincarnation" are explored here through the use of hypnosis in what has been called a breakthrough in guidebooks.

Dr. Newton carries a lot of clout. With a certification as a master hypnotherapist and holding a doctorate in counseling psychology, he has developed an age regression session technique geared to take a person past their past lives and to where their soul first began, giving us a clearer picture regarding our place in the universe and the meaning of life.

The book is a how to for when to use regression techniques in hypnosis, and how to access the spirit world between our physical lives. Most people, regardless of their beliefs concerning the spiritual world and regression want to be comforted in some way, and the first chapter of this book deals with the questions you will confront as a practitioner or as a client. Most interesting is that this chapter goes on to reveal that virtually all regression patients experience the same feelings and awareness despite what they had read on the subject or their predetermined ideas before going into the session-a compelling argument for the technique's validity.

An interesting point made in the book is that most people who actively seek enlightenment through he use of hypnotic regression do so as a last resort. They have become disenchanted with their way of life as it is now, and seek something-anything to belief in and give them hope. While this could open the doors for many a fraud and soothsayer, Dr. Newton makes it clear that the only ''coaching " used in the therapy is to go into the session with an open mind. The possibility of opening the door to discover past lives and therefore gain a better understanding of this one is usually all it takes for someone with preconceived ideas to become more open minded.

Are past life regressions evidence of reincarnation? Dr. Newton believes so, and reading even an excerpt of this fascinating book will make a believer out of you as well.