Your Free Past Life Reading for Cancer

Your Astrology sun sign can help you discover past lives effects and how they may present opportunity and challenges in this life. You don’t need to take a past life quiz or test to learn some basic information about yourself. Jeri Noble has provided a free past life reading for each of the signs.

Free Past Life Reading for Cancer

Then: Sometimes you may feel as if you’ve just worn yourself out in past lives. A great deal of rushing around, talking to others and being talked to, figuring things out…whew. You’ve actually carried a lot of information forward into this life with you.

Now: The Cancerian gift this life is getting to share these memories with loved ones. They have instincts and intuitions with which they can show their caring. This is a challenge for them until they can accept how valuable they actually are.

Future: Self-acceptance, inner calm and allowing your vulnerability to show are all part of your destiny. What is critical to your development is that you not allow yourself to hide what you truly are, but instead learn what your value actually is.

Summary of Your Past Life Test: Your life test is to allow your brilliance to shine while sharing your sensitivity and all the wisdom and knowledge that you posses. At the same time you can feel overwhelmed by your feelings, so learning to say no and create healthy boundaries and balance is important. If you don’t you can feel guilty and resentful of others. When you recharge you are better prepared to extend your wisdom and shine your light!

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