Nature for Life and Living in Balance

Nature has a rejuvenating effect on the body and the mind. Nature for life fuels our cells and assists us in creating balance as the rejuvinating qualities of being among the flora and fauna, birds and the elements feeds our soul. No wonder there are so many poems about nature. Unfortunately in the modern world we are excluded from the outdoor environment and very often are unable to feel its effect. Therefore we must make an effort to make being in nature a part of our life. It has positive effects on our body, mind and soul.

More than likely you live in a city where you are sheltered from nature for the most part. If that is the case then make an effort to get out of the city and experience nature firsthand at least once a week. If you have never experienced a sunrise or a sunset then make it a point to simply do so. Observing nature’s wonders is the first step to the healing process they provide.

Why is it that nature is healing to us? Mostly it is because as a species we have spent the majority of our evolution being in nature and being a part of it. There is a natural affinity we have for nature and being in it is what we are used to from a larger perspective. It is actually unnatural for us to live lives as we live them now in houses and cities. It goes against our many years of evolution. Therefore, it is vital to take time to get in touch with nature and re-experience that environment that was a natural part of our development for so long.

Perhaps your experiences you have in nature will provide inspiration for your daily journal writing, you may even end up writing your very own poems about nature and how your life has been touched!

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