About Jeri Noble

Hello, I’m an astrologer and have my Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer and Cancer Rising. I’m considered a psychic (although I’m not really comfortable with that word) because of certain types of telepathy, clairvoyance and precognitive abilities.

The form of astrology that I specialize in is Plutonic Astrology, which has to do with the energies represented by the planet Pluto. What this means for you personally, is that I don’t accept superficial “reasons” for anything. You won’t get pat answers to complicated questions, nor will your real concerns be pushed aside. Pluto deals with the underside of nature, the hidden reasons why, our “dark side” if you will. It also has a great deal to do with evolutionary instincts and why they conflict with cultural taboos.

Circles of Light has to do with Truth, Light and Healing, but you won’t find any fear of the dark here. I honestly don’t care how good or bad you consider yourself to be except in the context of how your judgements about yourself may contribute to or interfere with your personal evolution. My experience in a number of modalities include past life regression therapy, spiritual counseling, spiritual healing, and various occult techniques ensure a relatively unbiased view of the world.

I’ve lived in one of the metaphysical power centers of the country, Sedona, Arizona for over 15 years. Sedona is an area of incredible natural beauty with spectacular red rock formations rising high up throughout and around the town. We’re about 100 miles south of the Grand Canyon and the saying here is “God created the Grand Canyon, but He/She lives in Sedona.” This is where I’ll do your reading and that influence does show through.

I’ve also designed each of the online courses offered on this site. I began my metaphysical career teaching communication principles at the age of 17. Since then, I’ve taught a variety of spiritual and metaphysical classes, facilitated many workshops and seminars and done considerable public speaking.

For all the astrologers in the group, here’s my birth data; 1:37 a.m., Sept. 2, 1953 in Newark, N.J.



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