Linda Goodman’s Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart

Linda Goodman has been the last word in astrology and horoscopes for as long as I can remember. “Love Signs” is no exception, at a whopping 944 pages, this book contains everything you’d want to know about how to find the love compatibility sign right for you. Linda Goodman horoscopes have given us the answers to career, raising children, and every other aspect of using astrology as a guide for our lives since she first started compiling the information decades ago.

Horray for Linda Goodman, Love Signs provides an adventure as Goodman writes about formulating and drawing into your life the perfect match-or at the very least an interesting date-based on the sun sign of the person best suited for you. If your relationship is in the beginning stages, use this book to guide you through some of the harder questions during this time of the relationship, such as how to argue effectively with your Scorpio mate (good luck) or what not to bring up around a Virgo (anything you’re not sure of). Along with the more serious questions, like “why are some people so emotionally unavailable and why do I keep choosing them?”

Based predominantly on the sun signs, Linda continues to advocate for finding out your intendeds entire chart background; moon signs and the positions of other stars, in order to get the clearest picture of whom you are spending time with. This bedside book is just plain good reading, written with humor and insight.

Take for instance two of the signs in astrology, Sagittarius and Gemini. The Gemini loves to debate, however this typically presents as argumentative. The Sagittarius likes to keep moving and is hard to pin down, but not because they are constantly thinking the grass is greener, they just like adventure. If you like to stay at home (Cancer?) The Sagittarius in the office may not be the best match for you. Linda Goodman horoscopes will walk you through the steps to deciding which sign is the best bet to pursue and give you a laugh in the meantime-a classic book on astrology.

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