Virtual Realities in Everyday Life: The Reality of the Situation

By Peter and Helen Evans

We've probably all heard the story of the dreamer awakening to ask himself, "Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a human, or am I a human who dreamed I was a butterfly?"

Let's use the metaphor of a visit to "virtual reality" by putting on a cybersuit, a whole-body computer interface. There you are, perfectly healthy and happy in your safe, secure room donning a cyber-suit. For this experience you've chosen a program that puts you into a city where the buildings are on fire, street gangs are on the loose shooting and maiming people, bombs are exploding around you, a very dangerous situation. So what's the "reality of the situation"? Which situation? Who are you... "really"?

There are parallels between the virtual reality experience and our everyday life. Here we are, safe, secure, immortal beings, wearing the "suit of flesh" of our present incarnation. But we've forgotten who we "really" are and have come to believe that our small, surface consciousness is all there is to us, that we "are" this experience of life. We've hidden our SELF behind the veil of our programming, our unconscious acceptance of "conventional wisdom". A useful illusion, in terms of "getting along" in the world, but an illusion all the same, and one we would do well to learn how to use consciously, or to dispel it, especially when we find ourselves suffering, victimized by our own programming!

We must learn to remember who we really are, we must learn to become more and more conscious of our true Reality.

What is the reality of your situation?

We find people coming to our "Manifesting Success" class with many different motives. Some don't care at all to learn about 'real' Reality, or their "higher nature". Their attitude is something like, "I find myself the helpless victim of poverty and unhappiness, and I would rather be the helpless victim of wealth and joy." They would just like to change the program they are experiencing in their own "virtual reality". In fact, merely changing your belief (if you can do that) will change your "life-program". We've all done this with our TV set. Someone tells us just click this button and entertainment will come to us. Just click that button and the program will change. Few of us ask how it happens. We simply accept that "that's entertainment".

Others find that they're tired of the programming. "Five hundred channels and nothing's on." They are ready to turn away from the TV and begin to discover what's "really" going on. They must change their belief by changing or removing the veil of illusion that separates them from their true Reality.

Which motive do you have for Life? Do you want to expand into your Reality or merely change the channel in your "imagined life"?