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7 Responses

  1. Neva Howell says:

    I resonate so strongly with that ego or soul question. I’ve been thinking about it myself, though not exactly in those terms. What happened with me is that I began to notice how my body felt when it was acting from a space of alignment with my own quantum field of consciousness.

    For example, when I forgot about myself and went into a healing facilitation setting or a wellness coaching session, I noticed that my body changed dramatically. I was at ease, no sense of pain and no sense of real effort needed regardless of the situation.

    Then, I noticed how my body felt when my ego self was in charge, in some sort of need to fix the world, change a situation or understand why something happened when I wanted something else to occur, and it was drastically different. Shoulders hunched up, left side pushed forward, headache, neckache, backache, confused thinking, fear, worry, etc.

    So, as Carolyn says, I am finding my own way to determine if the decision in front of me is being made by my ego or my soul. My body is telling me, if I just take time to listen.

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Neva, Yes I really get what you mean! If fact I was emailing with a friend today who was wondering why she broke her ankle and what she was to learn from it. She was really analyzing everything (with a good intention). I dropped into a state of connecting with my heart and wrote this reply:
    “I think our minds look at our world in a linear fashion … and seek answers responding to cause and effect … our hearts (soul) and intuition see our being holistically … whole .. and all things connected. Sort of like how the pulse in our body pumps blood to every cell …. same as what shows up in our reality … all aspects of our being are interconnected and our reality takes shape responding to that pulse … so perhaps the message is to keep following your heart pulse … where deep answers are versus the mind isolating through cause and effect and creating more stories … What I try to do when seeking answers is to remember to breath in the difficult stuff into the heart and keep my focus on what would bring joy to me and others around me. … simple joys … and at times those blissful joys pop up too! Translated: When Ego asks learn soul listening! Then I think mind and and body can observe differently and get out of looping round and round.

  3. Neva says:

    Sandy, what you said about breathing the difficult stuff into your heart reminded me of Pema Chodron. In her book, “When Things Fall Apart” Pema teaches an exercise where you breathe in negativity and breathe out the change you want to be and support in the world. At first, that exercise was fearful and even distasteful for me. I didn’t want to breathe in the difficult stuff, I wanted it to go away. Yet, it never went away as long as I was resisting it. I had heard that and accepted it on a mental level. Pema’s exercise of taking in what I feared and allowing the Divine Grace within to transform it, helped me know the truth of the process.

    I’ve always believed our bodies were a lot more than just vehicles to get our souls around on earth; they are finely tuned instruments that can help us recognize alignment vs. chaos; love vs. fear reactions; heart action vs. ego action.

    I can relate to the woman who broke her ankle. I used to analyze everything that happened. It was good training. It taught me that I don’t need to know. All I need to do is stay aware of the nature of my energy, am I relaxed, open and being led, or am I tense, constricted and pushing or trying to make something happen?

  4. Sandy says:

    What wonderful distinctions and so very useful! Awesome Neva. Indeed I do think our body is one of nature’s temples in a way. Infused with intelligence beyond what we have scratched the surface to understand. We will have to check out Pema’s book. Thanks! I find that there are very few original thoughts and it often seems thoughts hit in waves. Like all of a sudden a person may find they were thinking about something then they talk to a couple friends to find they were thinking the same thing. Or, a “invention” takes place only to find out that several others were working on the same thing. I had a line of silk scarves that I painted for years. Then one day I walked into a boutique thousands of miles away from where I lived at the time, and I found some scarves painted by an artist using the same dyes, similar technique, and similar color combinations…they looked so similar to mine! I asked when the artist started painting this style and it was actually the same year I started painting mine. It was like we were tuned into the same color channel! Having said this, perhaps we are collectively listening and getting closer to aligning with our soul and heart! Maybe a large portion of the population is catching a wave and beginning to turn this large ship called humanity in a more peaceful, respectful, and loving direction.

  5. Neva says:

    Sandy: Yes, I would recommend Pema’s book to anyone going thru a painful life transition. That exercise pulled me through a time I thought I wouldn’t survive. By breathing in hate and breathing out love, I was able to understand that it is resisting that which perpetuates. Embracing what I felt, even if it was hate, and then breathing out my intent that it transform, helped me heal my heart. And I believe, as Pema says in the book, that when we change what goes out on our breath, it’s a frequency that begins to impact the world in a positive way, starting right there at our own field. I loved your story about the scarves. I had the idea for a disposable dishcloth that would have the dishwashing liquid already in it. A year later, I saw it on the shelves. I like your take on that, that perhaps we are getting closer to aligning soul and heart. I think, also, that all potential exists in the zero point field and that whoever grabs the idea and runs with it first, gets to see it outpicture in the world in a bigger way.

  6. Sandy says:

    I wish to repeat that!
    “all potential exists in the zero point field and that whoever grabs the idea and runs with it first, gets to see it outpicture in the world in a bigger way.” Nice!

    Also, when we tap into the zero point field as we drop into our heartspace this is the space that creates miracles!

  7. Neva says:

    Yep, yep. I was listening to one of the cds in Richard Bartlett’s new Matrix Energetics package and he talked about Angels and how they don’t just come because we call them, they come because we create an environment where it is natural for them to show up, when we drop into that heart space energy. Aho.

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