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Sagittarius Zodiac is the Archer: An Adventurous Centaur

The Archer, sign Sagittarius is that of a centaur -much like the embodiment of paganism, the God Pan, who was half man, half horse. Greek mythology had several centaurs, such as Chiron, who was a healer, and Nessus who had a fondness for alcohol, and was killed by Hercules after he tried to rape a woman. The centaur symbolized a balance between intellectual power (The upper half of the creature being a man) and the animalistic traits (the lower horse half). The Roman counter part was the God Bacchus, which Pagans still pay homage to today when they celebrate May Day, or Beltane.

Pan was often depicted playing a Shepherd's pipe called a Syrinx, which he himself invented. And one of the traits associated with this zodiac sign is that they love new ideas, and so make wonderful researchers and inventors. Optimistic and witty, invite a Sagittarius to your next party, they are sure to be the life of it with their whimsical stories and fun antics. They love to travel, and make great companions on adventures. They are also loyal, honest, and trustworthy, but will vacillate between allegiances depending on which one currently serves their purpose. Famous people born under this sun sign include Harpo Marx, John F. Kennedy, and Jimi Hendrix.

When it comes to love matches and zodiac compatibility for Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra take the top spots. But when it comes to friendship compatibility, zodiac signs need not be taken into consideration, because the outgoing Sagittarius gets along with everyone. You had better be able to take the truth, as much as it hurts, though, because those born November 23rd-December 21st will pull no punches when telling it like it is-to the point of being tactless. While being extremely good at being able to see the big picture, don’t bother this star sign with details, they won't pay attention. They also have a propensity for having accidents involving fire.

Love signs Aquarius and Libra work best with Sagittarius because they are very grounding. The Sag would be likely to run off half cocked for an adventure without the balance of Libra to remind him to pack or the fun loving Aquarius to accompany him. (And make sure they have the tickets) Although the Sag has been accused of being irresponsible, they aren't so much this as they are restless, and while they tend to switch careers frequently, they are almost always employed. People born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius will never leave you bored.