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New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life by Jan Spiller

Did you know that there is magic released during astrological cycles? In New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller, you can learn how to harvest the power of moon signs to draw into your life your wishes and dreams. Using the exact time and date, along with the sun signs (what the zodiac signs are commonly referred to) corresponding to the position, you, too, can work magic in your day to day life. This book teaches how to plan the seeds of prosperity or love, success and forgiveness to bring your life into closer alignment with the universe.

You will also learn that most potent time for making these wishes, and that they must be in your own handwriting. Spiller uses astrology counseling to show you what wishes work best, and why we should not wish things for other people. (It is not our place to determine what's best for anyone else.) Learn why intuition is so important, and why intent is the cornerstone of workable magic.

The energy changes each power day, or new moon phase, so it is important to study which one is strongest at each cycle, so you can make your wishes accordingly, so writes Jan Spiller. Astrology is an exact science, and so making your wishes come true involves a detailed study of the process. Under Spiller's tutorage, you may make ten wishes each month, and no more, she writes that this is what she has found works best.

An interesting note to this book, the author stresses that wishes do not work like affirmations, which is another popular technique written about for use in drawing positive energies into your life. According to this book, you never have to see your wish list again after you use it the first time, unlike affirmations, which must be said over and over each day, much like a mantra to get the desired effect. "New Moon Astrology…" takes learning about moon signs to the next level, so you can learn how to make it work for you, rather than simply reading how the sign in which the moon was in when you were born affects you character.