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Full Body Sensuous Massage Offers Many Benefits

Massage celebrates sensuousness and when it comes to full body sensuous massage it is an experience of giving and receiving, of exploring each other. Being a sensuous being and having the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, touching perhaps affects us the most. Touch brings closeness so when we touch for pleasure it means comfort and acceptance.

Preparing for a sensuous massage is a sensuous experience in itself. For that mixing and using of essential massage oils is highly recommended. You can also add some good massage therapy music to enhance the experience. To begin, it is very important to get your body relaxed by lying on your back, knees bent and your hands on your abdomen. Breathe naturally as it is a very good way of stretching without any strain. Massage releases stress and tension and creates a feeling of well being in a very real and loving way. It can be a way to restore our natural energy by easing the tired muscles, calming the mind and uplifting the spirit. Any kind of intimate massage combines relaxation and connection. With your romantic partner it is wonderful way to share intimacy which can enhance sensual arousals. Giving a full body massage not only gives pleasure but also satisfies both partners by creating a two-way flow of love. Sometimes sensuous massage can be applied as a holistic therapy that can be used for curing stress-related ailments.

The secret of a full body massage is to experience a sublime closeness. Connecting with the curves and bends of your partner helps you truly know their bodies responses. This can create a beautiful and loving bond and connection. If you have not tried sharing a massage with your love partner until now you have not experienced a lovely sharing of intimacy. Connecting in this sensual way may be a perfect way to bring newness back into an old relationship or deepen and add a depth of intimacy to a new relationship. There are many wonderful books available to teach the art of giving a full body sensuous massage, so turn on the massage music and relax while having fun waking the senses!

Learn the healing art of therapuetic full body massage and learn about one of the many massage therapy school locations in your area. Locations are throughout the United States and Ontario Canada.