Astrology Affirmations for the Zodiac Signs and Reviews on Popular Affirmation Books

Affirmations are statements of a desired reality that we repeat to ourselves or write down repeatedly. This imprints the information deeply into our minds, which supports our conscious attention to create change accordingly.

We've put together a list of affirmations for every sign of the Zodiac. This will help to bring forth the positive elements of the sign in the personality and to channel the challenging energy into more positive directions and thinking.

Please click the link of the sign you want below to read a list of positive daily affirmations created for each:

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

Book Reviews of some of the top selling books on affirmations, positive thinking, and creative visualization techniques.