World of Wisdom: Astrology Software for the Beginner and Advanced Astrologist

World of Wisdom’s Horoscope Interpreter must be one of the most user-friendly pieces of astrology software in the world. Even an absolute beginner, who is scared of their computer biting them, will find it a straightforward piece of horoscope software. Many astrologers have used it as their first astrological software before moving onto the more high-powered, professional programs. Because it’s so straightforward to use, some astrologers use it alongside other software, and it’s ideal for readings on your laptop at fairs and similar events. You simply type in the date, time, and place of someone’s birth. If you don’t know the time, WOW defaults to a noon chart. The software comes complete with an atlas for 80,000 towns and cities that automatically enters longitude, latitude, time zone, and time changes.

Once you’ve typed in the information, the chart wheel appears on one side of your screen and the other side contains a box of text. Clicking anywhere on the horoscope chart will offer you an interpretation for that part of the chart. You can also click to find out the general meaning of a planet, sign, or house. Each interpretation is offered in a “professional” and “personal” form, giving slightly different interpretations for the same configuration. Once the chart is calculated, you can print out the chart wheel alone, a full professional or personal interpretation, or excerpts of your choice. A birth chart interpretation averages twenty to twenty-five pages in length when printed. It’s also possible to import the chart image into DTP or word processing software. This is one sweet horoscope chart maker.

This is one sweet horoscope chart maker as the text is well written and easy to understand, and doesn’t read as disjointedly as some interpretation packages. It can be also be used as a study tool, as WOW includes astrological charts of the rich and famous, so you can see how the interpretations fit with what you know of their lives. Alternatively, some astrologers, who write chart analyses, like to use the text as a leaping off point.

WOW scores points over other packages for its visually attractive design. The chart wheel is one of the best designs you can come across, and prints well in full color. The text reports are detailed and well laid out with sections highlighted by either shading or color, depending on your printer.

Transits are clearly shown on graphs accompanying the text that highlight the periods when their effects are strongest. You can print out reports showing trends for periods between one and three years.

Overall, WOW makes an excellent introductory package. However, it does have limitations. For example, some users have found errors in the atlas and automated time zones; it can only calculate charts between 1500 and 2099; only three house systems (Equal, Koch and Placidus) are available and it performs only basic calculation functions.

If you’re saying “so what” to the above paragraph, then WOW may be the program for you. It’s ideal for calculating charts of family and friends or for the novice astrologer. WOW is also suitable if you want to sell computerized horoscopes for a low investment. More powerful, professional packages can be terrifying for a beginner (actually, some of them can be equally terrifying for non beginners) and those who want to focus on learning astrology, rather than battling with a new software package, will find it an ideal entry into the world of astrological software. It’s also priced low enough for those on a limited budget.

Two add on packages are available – Astrology for Lovers, which produces astrological compatibility reports and Astrological Calendar, offering daily insights into the astrological patterns affecting your life.

If you’re looking for your first astrological software package, then WOW provides a gentle and friendly introduction.

Price: US$ 69.95. Thirty day free trial available from web site.

Available: and from licensed agents worldwide.

System requirements: Minimum 386 DX, 4MB, 20 MB hard disk space, SVGA 640 x 800 screen and 8 speed CD ROM with sound card for CD version. No CD or sound card necessary for downloaded version. Works on all Windows platforms.

Contact details: World of Wisdom Ltd, 823 Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 5QQ, UK.

Support: Through email or by telephone.

Background: World of Wisdom was developed in the 1990s, by the British astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, to help ordinary people to understand their horoscopes in greater depth without having to consult an astrologer. The original program Horoscope Interpreter is available in English as shareware and on CD in English and American, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish. This astrology software package is designed to produce horoscope birth charts and interpretations with ease. You need to pay for a license if you wish to resell the interpretations.

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