The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Wealth of Inspiring Insight: Part Two – Goal Setting

Gaines provides a ten step goal-setting program and teaches the importance of not only knowing what you want, but also in being willing to give up that which you don’t want.

She also encourages us to not only dream big when setting our goals, but to be specific with our goal requests to God (as we perceive Him/Her/It to be). Perhaps the greatest “aha” moment of the book for me was her insight into how so many of us (yours truly included) offer up our prayer of “Just tell me what you want – – anything – – and I’ll do it…I’m right behind you, ready to go – – just give me a sign.” It’s only when we become quiet that we can hear the reply, “…this is God. I’m right here. Just tell me what you want – – anything – – and I’ll do it. Whatever you want, I’ll be there….”

Gaines doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to the topic of forgiveness. As she so clearly states, “An unwillingness to forgive is like stabbing ourselves with a knife and expecting the person who did us wrong to feel the pain.” Quite simply, we forgive for ourselves. To those who say that they “have [a] right to [their] anger,” Gaines counters with the fact that “you also have a right to take a screwdriver and stick it into an electrical outlet.” Painful and unproductive at best. Perhaps even more insightful though is her belief that “…the unending dark night of the soul is optional.”

Don’t get me wrong. Gaines is sympathetic to the vast amounts and deep levels of pain that one experiences from the wrongdoings of others. She simply puts things into a unique perspective and provides the reader with five forgiveness techniques to help in transforming their lives, as well as the world.

As “Earth is the party planet,” Gaines encourages us that “…no matter how lofty our spiritual goals, they must also be fun,” as should our purpose in life. To Gaines, our Divine purpose isn’t “about martyrdom or great personal sacrifice. It is about focus, joy, and a sense of purposeful possible achievement.” It is a way of living…a process…not merely an end result. She reassures us that “…building dollhouses is just as important to our world as counseling addicts….”

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